Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello Hello!

I find with Blogging, I have learned that it's always better to be to the point. So here it is.

My life has been an utter disaster. I'm considering changing my name to "Job" (as in the Biblical character, that is) But thanks to Kristen and Christine's guidance, I have learned a lot. And I'm keeping the faith. (Love to you both, Ladies, and thank you. Know that what you've said to me over the years really mattered.)

The recovery has begun. Apparently, I have 9 lives, and I'm down to 6. I have begun a new career, and it's really starting at the bottom. But I was a virtual flunky in my old career when I started, and I did well, so I'm hoping that I can do it again. A priest I'm friendly with told me that, in fact, while it's not ok to ask God for riches and wealth, it is quite acceptable to ask Him for help in the quest to provide for my family.

And so it begins.

A few years back, I found a lot of Blogging fodder among the people I commuted with on the Ferry. My new career calls for a 15-minute commute in my car, so that won't work. But I'm working in a retail establishment on a grand scale, and I think I may be on to something new. The cast and crew of this new place might be providing some new material, and I'm wondering if maybe I should run with it? Since "The Office" is a well-established TV show, I'm thinking I'll call my series, "The Shop".

Would love to hear what you think!