Friday, February 29, 2008

The Littlespot

I've always enjoyed experimenting with web-based business ideas. I have been tinkering around for a while, creating my own T-shirt/apparel business, Lippytees, my own website design company, aimed at small-business owners, and now, a small-business advertising directory called The Littlespot. The site is located at

I'd like to outline quickly exactly what the Small Business Directory is, in case someone happens onto this blog.

The Littlespot is a new approach to small-business advertising. It's really intended for the really small business, one that might just be starting out. We like to call those "Little Businesses."

Our idea is simple. The site serves two purposes. One is to solicit advertisers to purchase a spot in the Directory (A Littlespot, as we call it). The other is to invite consumers to browse the directory to find goods and services they need. The beauty of the Directory is, the advertisers are all small businesses, with links directly to their website or contact information. For small businesses, we offer the option of purchasing a Littlespot Page, which is a single webpage that contains the business' information.

And the best part is, the cost. A full year of advertising, with a banner and link is only $100.

This is a sample of a Littlespot banner:

For businesses with a tighter budget, we offer a text-link advertisement for $50 for a one-year ad.

This is a sample of what a text-link ad looks like:

Your Biz here

Once your ad is placed, it stays in the same place for as long as you own it. If your ad places first on a particular page (ads are sold on a first-come, first serve basis) it will always be the first ad in that category.

Check out the site at  We think you'll like what you see.



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Isn't It Funny?

No, it's NOT funny. Well, depends...

Today three things happened. To me, you know what I mean. I got three things in the mail.

The first one was an invitation to my High School Reunion. I gotta be honest, I'm not in the mood to go traipsing around a bunch of ancient ruins, alright?

The next envelope contained a permanent Handicapped parking permit for my car. Imagine. They let me drive still.

Don't know how useful the permit is going to be around here; every single driver in NJ has a Handicapped permit. We fight over the "regular" people's spots instead.

The funny thing is, my "permanent" handicapped permit is only valid for three years. Maybe they think I'll get better by then. Or maybe they figure I'll die.

The third envelope contained a invitation for a free eye exam. Out of the blue, unsolicited, personally addressed to me. Or the current resident. That's really stupid, if you think about it, like those ads they mail you that say, "Learn To Read."

So yah, this was a great day for the ol' Ego. I get reminded how I'm part of Ancient History, that I'm a busted-down, broken old lunchbox, and that I'll soon need glasses. I can hear them now:

You're OLD Lippy. That dust on the floor around you is YOU.

A couple of years ago a friend told me that I'm technically old enough now that my death wouldn't be a tragedy anymore. (yeah that's why I blog a lot - my friends are the worst! Friends like that, who needs a plague, right?) I guess I can expect the birth of my first great-great-great grandchild soon, huh?

AH, it's alright. I don't mind being a fossil. Sometimes people don't realize that I'm being tongue-in-cheek when I write like this. Tongue-in-cheek is a pretty good accomplishment for me, considering I'm eligible for carbon-dating. But really, it's all good. I hear Moses is going to attend this year's reunion, and I'll be able to park really close if I get there 'cause it's somewhere else. And I'll just go to the eye exam to make the doctor cry. I'm a little nervous about wearing glasses though, because then I'll be able to read all the barf I type in here. Who knows what that will lead to.

And The Trophy Goes To...

We take our food responsibility very seriously here. We got a sick man to feed, my friends. We've consulted people from all over the globe, pastry chef from Paris, chefs from Italy, Germany and Switzerland (English food bites - trust me, I'm English) and oh, a couple of guys from Sheboygan. So after months of searching for recipes, experimenting and tweaking them to get them just right, last night Pop said this to me:

"You know, I have to say, for the first time in quite a while, I really enjoyed a supper. And I felt good, too."

So what was the culinary masterpiece that finally hit Pop in the Sweet Spot?

2 Oscar Meyer low-fat beef hot dogs on toasted buns, macaroni salad and potato salad. Store-bought salads, by the way.

I know. It was the Gulden's mustard that made the difference. None of that foofy Grey Pooped On for us, pal.

Take that, Food Network.


I'll make Chicken Lippy. Here's the recipe:


  • 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

  • 10 fluid ounces white wine

  • 1/4 cup minced shallots

  • 1 tablespoon wasabi paste, or to taste

  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce

  • 1 cup unsalted butter, cubed

  • salt and black pepper to taste

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil, or as needed

  • 1 cup chopped cilantro leaves

  • 6 (6 ounce) fresh tuna steaks, 1 inch thick


I'm still Stupid at times.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's Get Stupid!

I know I'm not supposed to be "StupidJimmy" anymore, but...

The last few days have been chock full of stupid. It just sort of goes with the territory.

I had the rare opportunity to stop at my favorite diner for my favorite breakfast. Being that I was a little pressed for time, I ordered it to go. Swiss-cheese omelette, side of bacon, and french fries. (It's probably good that I don't get it too often, huh?) Anyway, when it was ready, they handed me the bag and I rushed home to eat it. I got home, opened the bag, opened the tray and WHAM! Blueberry pancakes, sausage and corn bread. I'd say that was close, right? I ate it anyway, but I still want that omelette.

My buddy indicated an interest in this season's American Idol show. I invited him over to watch it with me tonight.

It's on tomorrow, not tonight.

I played 20 dollars worth of MegaMillions lottery this past Friday. I didn't match a single number. On any of the tickets. I thought there was a prize for 0 numbers. There's not. They just call you a "loser".

But the piece de resistance came about 3 hours ago.

It was one of those days where ol' Lippy deemed it necessary to have that second shower. I was a tad grungy. The way it's worked out here, Pop and I share a bathroom, and his daughter and my kids battle it out for the other. Well tonight, it was just necessary for me to use their bathroom to shower.

I went in the shower, and of course, seeing how it's a mostly-girl shower, there's 34,000 bottles of shampoos, conditioners, bath gels, exfoliators, defoliators and a Buick. I needed shampoo, of course, so I started sorting, dropping bottles, grumbling. I saw a white bottle with a familiar green-chalky residue on the cap. I figured dandruff shampoo was better than strawberry-melon-smell-like-a-sissy-for-two-days shampoo. Mission accomplished.

I came downstairs to wait for my buddy to come by and not watch American Idol. My daughters were sitting in the living room. My oldest became aware of something. She said, "Who washed the dog? Dad did you give Toby a bath?"


She said, "It smells like Toby had a bath."

As she started to laugh, she said, "Daddy, it's your hair!"

Turns out, the "Head And Shoulders" was something called "Sulfodene". For dogs. Not for Lippy's.

Well, I'm not itchy, and I have no fleas or anything.

No harm, no foul.

In my defense, the dog shampoo had no label. It came off.

I know, I'm still Stupid.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


While I was writing about missing simpler times the other day, I was reminded of something else I miss.

I miss music. Good, solid, creative music. Music that required genuine musical talent to produce. Music created by people so rich with talent that hearing them performing live was nearly as perfect an experience as listening to the recorded material.

I miss the days when an artist's entire album was all on the same level creatively. Each song was better than the last. These albums (later CD's of course) were months, if not years in the making, and they were unbelievable expressions of talent. I remember waiting years between the releases of some artists.

The market came to the music. The music wasn't aimed at the market. If you appreciated incredible music, your place in the demographic was unimportant. You bought the music, you listened to the music.

I was never one to have taste specific to one genre. I loved so many different kinds of music, because I appreciated artistic expression, but I adored creativity that was the product and expression of talent. People spent years honing their craft, developing skills, polishing their writing abilities.

For the serious, talented musicians, the concerts, the performances were all accessories to the music. The stars got into the spotlight because of the music they produced, not by the size of their entourages, or frequencies of covers on People magazine.

I miss music. I miss music that sounds as though it took longer than 15 minutes to create. I miss music with lyrics that are the product of educated minds, that aren't considered "lyrics" simply because the last word of each line rhymes. And I miss music that was enhanced by the studio magicians, not created by them.

Give me back my music, please?

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I think that nostalgia will do us some good when we look ahead to what's coming at the end of this year, with all the global market crises that are sure to unfold because of the irresponsibility of CEO's like Stan O'Neal at Merrill Lynch and Richard Fuld at Lehman Bros., who will continue to reassure investors right up to the minute where Lehman closes its doors. And after decades of being a major player, Merrill Lynch will disappear without a whimper.

I'm trying to imagine how much the world is going to change before 2009 gets a chance to come in the door. We've come to accept that the Dow being at 10,000 or higher is a right or a privilege. What's going to happen when we see it bouncing off 8000 in October?

We'll see just how ineffective our Government has become, and how clueless they are, Republican or Democrat. We'll hear, time and time again, how the economy is sound...right until the ship sinks. Our world will not be the same. We'll just have to see how capable the rescue teams are when its time to pick up the survivors.

In the meantime, maybe we ought to turn off CNBC and tune into the Care Bears, American Idol (yes I watch that, no making fun). If you're still watching the Ticker come October, let me know when you've had enough. I'll be an expert on cartoons...I can tell you which ones to watch.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Nice Matters

Today someone told me that I'm nice. Now, next to "sweet", that's one of the most flattering things I've had said about me. I'd really like to believe that some folks have that opinion of me.

Tressa, over at "Storms Whisper" is the kind Lady who bestowed that award on me today. You should check out the beautiful prose she lays out over on her blog. Coming from her, this is a genuine compliment.

I'd like to pay it forward now, and choose a couple of folks who I haven't tapped before.

Colleen, over at "My Life" is a very kind young Lady who is very involved in awareness efforts for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. I love generosity and kindness, both of which make someone nice, in my book.

Kristeee is a new Mommy, and she's also a blog friend who's always been very nice to me. She's over at "I'm Not Going Crazy"

Now I know that I said that I wanted to tap people who I've not given honors to before, but my conscience would never allow me to pass up this opportunity to cite a couple of people here today. They have been so utterly kind to me of late that I'm in the best kind of debt to them, that of gratitude. Kristen is a reader of mine who keeps a private Blog, so I won't link that, and Mamma, of course, is a "colleague" of sorts, who writes over at Love, Life and Logic. These two Ladies saw an opportunity to share some kindness and compassion, and they took it. My soul is in a better place today because of them. So thank you, Ladies, as always, for your friendship.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Little LipService.

Blog pimpin', blog-plugs, yeesh. I find blogs that I like and I want to link to them, but of course, being me, I get hung up on what to call the act.

I'm just going to call it LipService. Just seems like a good fit.

Anyway, lately I've become a little obsessed with food. Not eating food, but preparing food. I record Food Network shows, I browse the Web, I read magazines I'd probably get laughed at for reading.

I have the fun job of coming up with meals that Pop can eat safely, while at the same time trying to satisfy the fickle palates of three kids. And there are only so many "healthy" meals you can prepare without a mutiny. Sometimes you have to spice it up, so to speak. You need resources, my friends!

Well, here's one that speaks to me. Real food that's really good is a huge attraction for me. This site, "We Are Not Martha", offers some great recipes and links to resources I can actually use. It's a really cool blog/website. Check it out if you get a chance.

Tell 'em Lippy sent ya.

No No No No

I had forgotten about that stupid website, "" and the idiocy that goes on there. They think they're influencing the voting on American Idol. Maybe they are, but...

Anyway, the people who like Idol and want the best to win are the ones I like to talk to. It was obvious that the show's detractors were having fun last season (Sanjaya, anyone?) and I really don't want to see a talent go home in favor of a circus act. How do you feel about that?

The show's fans have a "vote" site of their own now, courtesy of Lippy :) is our outlet. Go check it out if you want. There are episode updates, etc.

And no laughin' at Lippo for likin' Idol, ok?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lippy From Another Planet...


I sometimes have those moments where I realize that someone has no idea what I am talking about. It's partly because of local slang words or names (think hoagie, submarine sandwich, hero sandwich) and once we clear it up, off we go. It's also partly because I'm an imbecile, but we'll go into that another time.

So, short and sweet, I'd like to just get a couple of things cleared up so I avoid any more beatings, damage, insults, etc.

PhotobucketLet's start with the sandwich. Does anyone else in the country beside me eat a sandwich for lunch? Do you actually have supermarkets which have deli counters where you can buy the ammunition for a sandwich? And what do you call them?

PhotobucketThat's what we refer to around here as a "hero" sandwich. (I don't eat them that big, it's the best pic I could find, ok?) What do you call them? (and don't say disgusting, alright????)

Another topic...

In another blog community I participate in, they do something called "pimping." If I see your blog, love it and write about it in MY blog to get others to read it, I would say I "pimped" your blog. What do you call it? Blog-plug doesn't seem to count because that's leaving a link to your own blog somewhere else so people can find it, so ejumacate me here will ya?


Here's another thing. Usually, when I'm done with all my regular reads for the day, I like to go back and follow some links to blogs I am not familiar with. And if they're great, I like to comment, even if it's the first time. And if I really like the blog I will ask if it's ok to link their blog in mine. So here's what I'm wondering:

  • Are you ok with comments from first-time readers?

  • Do you like having comments that let you know that a reader "got" what you were saying? Maybe a little commiseration, or sympathy? Or are the standard "Great post" comments more your speed? You know, just so you know they were there?

Ok, now this is the last one...

Do you go back to a post that you've commented on, to see if your comment got a response from the author? I was working under some assumptions here, and you know what they say about when you assume...

Thanks my friends.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


The Male Advocate is at it again. Come drop your two cents in.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Day After

While I've always enjoyed Valentine's Day, the day after was always up there on my list as well. It was always fun to run into those people who had a good day together, hearing about all the smarmy romantic things that somebody's loved one did, and I have to admit that getting a few "aww's" from my friends for something I did was kind of nice too.

It's funny, my life is a little lacking in the romance department the last few years, but I don't react as I thought I would. I don't necessarily covet what others have, or begrudge those who have it. It's really nice seeing the look on the face of a happy person.

Believe me, I really miss intimacy, having someone lying close, listening to her breathing the kind of breath that only comes when she is sleeping; sharing a dinner from one plate, the silliness, those moments that require no words.

It's just not my time now, you know? The way life is these days just doesn't allow for it, and it would be selfish to be involved because I just don't have it to give right now.

But I wouldn't want anyone else to hide their joy from me out of feeling sorry for me or anything like that. I think there's so much bad stuff going on in the world that even though Valentine's might be over-commercialized, I don't think expressing one's love for another ever really qualifies as a bad thing, smarminess included.

I listen to a lot of what would be considered "pop". And while I most certainly don't want to be 19 or 20 again, the music of people that age is just ripe with the kind of emotion and expression that I don't think any of us should ever get tired of. There's just something about full-blown passion that lights me up, even if it isn't for me. I just like knowing my friends and loved ones are loved.

As I said, I do miss it. And I'd want another shot at it again some day when the time is right. I'd love to make someone happy, and I want to be that one that brings a smile to her face.

But until that time comes, thank you for sharing your happiness with me. This forum offers such a unique experience, peeking into the lives of others. It's a good way to reach out for support when times are tough, but it's also a great way to share the joy, and that's what I think I love most about it.

So, Happy Day-After Valentine's Day to all those who had a great one. And if you're in my situation, hang in there. I have to believe there are some good times out there for us too. It's all a matter of timing.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Like It


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I Hate MySpace

Lip Can Cook (no, really!)

I talk about making dinners and stuff, and I guess it's about time that I shared a pic or two (as in offering proof). So that was dinner. Roast tenderloin of pork, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy.

The kids had seconds, so I guess it wasn't toxic.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can We Cut It Out, Please?

It seems to me that the media are going to do their very best to cut down this Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana kid. The scrutiny is bordering on the ridiculous. I fully believe that no one in this country is happy with anyone who is a positive role-model, and will not rest until they find some kind of flaw. It's just stupid.

The latest idiocy comes in the form of a blog post over at Consumer Reports Magazine. Apparently, in the latest "Hannah Montana" movie, there is a scene where the girl and her father are riding in the back seat of a Range Rover, and, *gasp*, she isn't wearing her seatbelt.

OK, this isn't a discussion about the merits of seatbelt use. This is me taking umbrage with the media in their relentless pursuit of imperfection. Yes, she's a role model to kids. Yes, if she was seen smoking a joint or drinking a shot I'd be a little (emphasis on little) upset with her. But I'd be willing to bet that few, if any, of the kids who saw the movie would remember either way if she was or was not belted in. And I'm talking about a kid who is asked without any prompting, of course. (I just asked my two girls if they remember the scene. Insert blank stares here).

As I said, if she were glamourizing underage drinking, teen sex, or drug use, I might get a little bugged. Seatbelt use should be mandated by parents. Period. Household rules should not be set (or for that fact, influenced) by a Disney star. If someone's parenting skills are so weak that a mistake by a teen idol could completely undermine their rules and regulations, maybe Consumer's should be posting about that. I see that as a bigger problem.

This isn't even about seat-belt use, if you ask me. It's the media putting a good, decent kid under a microscope and probing until they find the slightest chink in the armor. And the message that sends is, "Kids, you'd better be perfect before you walk out that door in the morning."

That bugs me more than Hannah Montana forgetting to buckle up, you know?


When you become a full-fledged computer Geek, it means that you've come to grips with it, and you stop worrying who knows about your passion. You accept it. And Dr. Phil would be proud.

One trait that Geeks have, that a lot of people don't quite understand, is the desire to help non-Geeks with tech situations. Some might call it meddling. Whatever.

But we have to help. It's just in our nature. When we see someone struggling, or hear them describing a problem (yes, we eavesdrop at times, sadly - we just can't help it!) we stick our noses in. I don't know why, but we do.

Now when you're a Geek who also happens to be a male, that can be a problem. To illustrate:

I was in a situation recently. I was on a commute. There was a woman sitting next to me, working on a laptop. After a few minutes, it became obvious that she was having trouble. (the sighs and the mumbled swear words are always a good indicator). I was nosy, of course, and saw the program that she was having problems with. And I know the program.

But now the Geek brain is being overridden by the Male brain. I'm afraid to speak up because:

  • I'm a stranger

  • I'm a male, she's a female

  • She is an attractive woman

I know there's a good chance if I speak up, my good intentions might be misconstrued, and any guy, Geek or not, doesn't want to get yelled at for being rude by a woman.

That kind of comes from experience. Geeks are only suave and hot in the movies. Most of us are unhot. (invented word).

Well, her struggle was so bad, but so easily remedied that I took the chance that she would not mistake my service as a come-on. It's just silly.

I remember precisely what I said, too. "May I please be so rude as to stick my nose in here? I've had that problem before and know how to fix it."

Well, I guess that sentence sure sounded lame enough that I didn't present a threat of any kind. Lameness can come in handy too, you know. It worked out well, I fixed the problem, then showed her how to handle it herself in the future. And I didn't ask for her phone number. She said, "Thanks".

Since I can safely say that I know 99% of the women who read this dumb blog are attractive women, (I haven't seen the other 1% so don't yell at me!) I'd like to ask you if my nervous lame geek trepidations are correct. If some geek knew that you were having a problem with your computer, and knew how to fix it, would you be mad if he got involved. That would confirm that I just got lucky for not getting yelled at and told to mind my business.

Guys, you'll get your own question some other time, ok?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

To Give And To Receive

One thing I've noticed about Blogging is that I get to enjoy myself and don't get yelled at a whole lot! I've enjoyed building these little friendships here, and they've made me smile a lot lately. There can never be anything wrong with that, right?

I'm privileged to share in not one, but two awards today. I'm so grateful to be made to feel welcome.

Justrandi, over at "Is It Just Me" presented me with this award:


Thank you so much. It's nice to know that my stuff here matters sometimes. I try :)

And Nancy, over at "Nancy's Nonsense of Nothingness" thought she would make my day with this award:


Guess what? She did. Yayyy. I think my Mom would be proud of these awards. Her big Dummy makes good and plays nice in the sandbox.
Of course, the rules dictate that Lippy shares his awards by naming his own recipients, so here goes:


For this Everyday Kindness award, I selected:

  • Michelle, over at (((Reflections))). She is someone I just know makes a big difference in the lives of those around her with her acts of kindness. I always agree that truly great people do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

  • And my dear friend Allison, over at "Allison's Corner" Who qualifies automatically because I, personally, am a regular recipient of her kindness. I love her and she's a great friend to me, as well as a lot of other people. I'm sure no one would dispute this selection!

  • My friend Cassie, who shows me on a daily basis what a best friend is all about. She has a private journal so I won't link it, and you'll have to take my word on it. :)

  • My friend Emily, whose journal is also private. She has made it her business to make me smile and to remind me that I'm never alone.

  • And my friend Erin over at Gillie Time. She never fails to brighten my day with her comments every time she visits.

Come back later for my selections for the other award. DO IT!

I'll be bock.

Friday, February 08, 2008


You wait until you get home from the supermarket to inspect that carton of eggs, only to find you now have a dozen pre-scrambled eggs.

Makes you feel like a moron, right?

Like it or not, we all have a little bit of "moron" in us. It can't be helped - it just happens. We've all locked the keys in the car (me), or forgotten where we parked that car in a 10,000-car parking lot (me, regularly), or paid $2000 for Hannah Montana concert tickets (not me, not this time!). Moronism is everywhere, (just take a look around the next time you're driving on the highway) and it can't always be avoided. It's part of our nature. Some of us have a little extra share of moron going on, but those folks are typically holding a political office, or acting as CEO's of major corporations that lose countless billions on things like bad mortgages. We all make boo-boo's, and "moron" is the word you use insted of the one that will get your mouth washed out with soap. And like that other word, "moronism" happens, you know?

Sometimes though, moronism is a passive thing. Something happens that we have no control over. I stood at an ATM the other night, and after answering the 40-page questionnaire, I waited as the machine began the process of dispensing my cash. I waited, and waited. I could hear the machine whirring and whirling, and I figured one of two things was going to happen: 1) the machine was going to tell me it was out of order, or 2) I was about to receive $3 million in singles. I felt like a moron, but it really wasn't my fault, you know? (and the outcome was Number 1, I'm not a new millionaire)

  • Note: moronism should not be confused with insanity. Moronism is wearing your shoes on the wrong feet three days in a row; insanity is repeatedly trying to get useful assistance from the Microsoft Help Website.

While people don't like to admit out loud that moronism is a lot more prevalent than we'd care to know, we do acknowledge its existence. It's why we have to post a speed limit of 40 mph so people will slow down to 90. Or why television advertisers have to flash that "Do not attempt this at home" warning when they have crazy stunts in their commercials.

We all have it in us, it's just a fact of life. So tonight, when you take off your shoes to see one yellow sock and one green one, may be moronic, but, you're not alone.

The Way We Were

Back when I saw the first Terminator movie, it was pure science fiction. We just didn't have to worry about the premise coming true - it was too fantastic.

Recently, I began watching "TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES" on FOX, and suddenly, the whole thing seems a lot more plausible. Computers have a very large presence in our lives these days, no doubt. (for those of you unfamiliar, the storyline, in a nutshell, is that computers and robots destroyed the world in the near future, and the heroes of the story have come back in time to destroy all the computers before they have the chance to destroy the world)

Disney gave us "Finding Nemo" a completely computer-animated movie about some cute little fishies. It made sense for Disney to animate fishies because they are notorious primadonnas, and the Fish Actors Guild is tough - they're just sharks to deal with! But other companies have been working on computer animation. There's one production company that is spending millions to create computer-generated animation of people that look so real they're almost...well wait a minute, why not just use real people?

It's getting to be ridiculous. I mentioned recently that I also watch The Discovery Channel's "How It's Made", which shows the processes involved in making just about everything we buy. The thing that was noticeably absent from all the manufacturing processes was...PEOPLE!

It seems as though there isn't a job left out there that can't be done with computers anymore. I got a telemarketer call the other day that wasn't even a human. And it wasn't even a human voice on the recording! 100% computerized process right down to the similar voice. It didn't even respond when I cursed at it!

So when the computer puts you out of a job, you can go to automated job search websites (created by computers). But when you apply, you do it online. And when you submit your resume, it doesn't go to a people it goes to another computer! So a CPU decides whether you're qualified, and if not ---RECYCLE BIN BABY! The jobs are posted by computers, your rejection emails are computer-generated.

Call the bank to inquire about that $47 million dollar withdrawal from your checking account, and you'll spend a lot of quality time with that computer customer service representative. I know the bank designs that program in hopes that you'll just say "the hell with the $47 million" and go about your day bothering other computers.

Some companies tried the alternative, aka "outsourcing", but that's proving to be a security problem, plus, American citizens are getting tired of calling "American" companies, and being greeted with "press 1 to continue in English"

So slowly but surely, every consumer products company is going fully automated. Every service company is going fully automated. You can even log on now and get an automated lawyer. It's all very cost-efficient.

But with all this efficiency comes the loss of jobs. That's kinda where a lot of people get the money to spend on consumer products and services. So it makes me wonder...when all the computers are doing all of the jobs and no people work anymore, so they don't have money to spend, who are these companies going to make money selling to?

A-HA! The other computers! See, no need for peoples anymore!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger's robot character introduced us to the words, "I'll be back..." I thought it was a cool catch-phrase, not a prophecy.

But I have to go now. The computer wants breakfast.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lippy Writes A Lot

A while back, I started messing with another blog. I originally called it "Dear Stupid" and made it a sort of tongue-in-cheek "advice column". I think it was motivated more by my desire to be a pest and a brat in its early days.

What it's turned into is something else. I'm home now, taking care of Pop, and in the morning we watch a lot of the "magazine" shows such as Today. Along with their day-to-day news stories, they run regular features that could fall under the heading of "Relationship advice."

The only problem I have is, a lot of the advice to women about handling things with men is coming from "experts" who happen to be women. I can tell you, as a guy, that a lot (not all, but a lot) of the stuff they're feeding to the populace is, pardon the crudity, a load of crap. Now I can't speak for every guy but, hey, if someone told my best friend that the best cure for a headache was pounding her head with a hammer, I'd sort of feel compelled to speak up a little, ya know?

Now, what's pushed me into turning that blog/column into something a little more legitimate is my friend's blog "Love, Life and Logic". The things that she writes really get me thinking (in a good way, for a change) because she's a lot smarter than the so-called "professionals" I see on shows like "Today". We don't really engage in debate, but rather we look at the same things from different angles, and I think we come up with some pretty good stuff. She writes articulately and intelligently from the Woman's point of view, and I, well, I'm Lippy!

Anyway, someday I'll learn to get my stuff down to less than 10,000 pages. I'd love to invite you over to that other place of mine to get involved.

The Male Advocate

A Little Boot Service

This morning, I had a little time to waste and caught a consumer report from Good Housekeeping labs about, (one of my favorite topics) women's boots. This report set out to find the best boots to buy when you want to keep your feet warm in the Winter. I was a little surprised out the actual outcome (you'll probably be too)

The Top Four for Comfort and Style (subjectively on the style of course)

Uggs Bandon

The Uggs "Bandon" Boot for $200 (click on the photo if you wanna buy them - I'm SO good, huh?)

Sorel Waterfall

The Sorel Waterfall boot...$95

Clarks Regina

Clark's Regina Boot...$149

Funny thing was, the best-rated boot was also the most inexpensive:

LL Bean Insulated

L.L. Bean's Insulated Comfort Boots for, (check this), $39.95

Now while I'll admit that my taste normally runs more along the lines of these:(Stuart Weitzman - a mere $525 at Zappos - sure, why not, get TWO pair, right?)


I'm fully aware that there's a real need to buy functional boots too, 'cause if your feet freeze off, then you can't wear any boots, and then who wins, right?

So there you have it. Always ready to do my public service here at Stupidsheet. I know your day's a lot better now.

Well, mine is...


Monday, February 04, 2008

The Wonder of It All

I remember a high school science class I took. We were studying radio and television transmissions and the teacher pointed out that a television signal doesn't ever really die, and that way out in space were the remnants of the first television broadcasts.

And of course, he pointed out the remote possibility that some far-off intelligent civilization's first contact with our human race could very well be an episode of "I Love Lucy", which might have explained why there was no contact from any other intelligent life-forms to that point.

But really, that wouldn't be so bad, would it, I mean, when you consider the kind of crap that's floating through the air these days? Imagine ET sitting through an episode of "Jackass" or "Survivor", and then wonder how there hasn't been an interstellar war.

But suppose we had something to say about it. Maybe through the magic of the Internets or something, we could devise a way to selectively provide our best first-impression to some distant civilization, and that task fell to you?

What part of human existence, past or present, would you offer to the Extraterrestrials as our "best foot forward"?

Be careful now, "The Three Stooges" are probably floating past Alpha Centauri as we speak.


I was very impressed with the Super Bowl. I wasn't too excited about those commercials this time around. Not awful, just not great. But Pop and I watched the whole game together. I kept him awake! (Well, the game helped, because it was a good match, regardless of the winner)

The murder of the English language is an ongoing process. It's killing me, as well. I like the latest weapons: letchoo is the new let you, Icantstanjoo replaces I can't stand you and dat's all I'll discuss witchoo aboutdat tonight, ok?

Why Women Are Superior, or, A Bet Update... So Jenna and I went at it via text message after my big Super Bowl Bet win, and she said that since I won, I don't have to do what she says. She told me that I can, on my own, decide exactly what jobs I'll be doing for her, you know, since I won. I love a clever woman, I really do...

The Breakfast Club was on TV Land the other night as I was surfing. I stayed with it. I really like that movie a whole lot, ya know?

Oh and, I have another candidate for my "Celebrities I Bet It Would Be Nice To Have Lunch With" Club. Her name is Amanda Peet. She just seems like a cool lady. So, so far it's Hilary Swank, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Amanda Peet. I'll bet they're thrilled, huh? Who would you want to have lunch with (among celebrities, I mean)

OK, that's enough I guess. See ya later!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

G I A N T victory...

Well looky here! The NY Giants are the 2008 Super Bowl Champions! What a great win for the Giants, what a great day for the Manning family (2 Super Bowl Champs in a row, remember...) and a great game for football fans who got a good, tight game to enjoy right to the last minute!

I feel a little more badly than I might ordinarily for the other team because the Patriots had a date with history. But it wasn't meant to be.

I love my GIANTS! And I won't be cleaning anyone's apartment (Jenna :) ) because I won the bet too.

Congratulations to the whole NY Giants organization, and to Eli Manning for his MVP selection.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Way Others See Us...

I had mentioned one time that the nicest description of me was the time someone called me a "sweet" guy. Now it would take a good eye to see through all my nonsense and come up with that description, but I really liked that someone thought of me that way. "Sweet" is good - I'll take it; in fact, if that were written on my gravestone, I'd die happy.

But someone else saw something in me recently that I found so flattering. My friend Holly bestowed this award on me:

And that really made my day. I don't have a lot going on lately, and I'm feeling a little out of the loop as far as the world is concerned, and I'll take a smile anytime.

I like to think that I do have a big heart. I'm not perfect, but I try not to do bad things on purpose. I try to go out of my way when things need to be done, and I like to think that I'm someone who can be counted on when the chips are down.

So thank you, Holly. As always, being around you is a really nice place to be.

I have to share this award, of awards are meant to be paid forward.

I haven't shared awards with a couple of people yet, and these are some folks with a nice, big heart.

Michele has always been a favorite of mine. She is a good, devoted and fun Mom to her kids, wife to her husband, and friend to me. She always knew when to ask how I was, and then stayed with me when I proceeded to whine.

Nancy is a good and trusted friend to me, but she's also a good wife and a GREAT pet owner. She's someone that no one would dispute as a choice in the big-heart category. She likes to get out there and actually meet her bloggin' buddies, and makes the effort where others might not.

Niki and Dave. Well, they don't have a blog (at least not one that they let me read!) but they have two of the biggest hearts I've ever had the privilege to be touched by. They took better care of me than I deserved all the months that I was an invalid, and stuck by me when a lot of other people didn't. I could never truly say that I was alone when they were around. They moved away some months ago, and I miss the hell out of them. We're going to have dinner soon, that's for sure.

Well that ends tonight's award show :) Back to the Idiot Show a little later on!

Friday, February 01, 2008

A Little Whine

Some things are just wrong. WRONG. Ever since I saw this ad, I feel like I have something in my eye, DAMMIT!

Introducing, "Lippy!"

I've had something unusual happening to me lately, when using Blogger. As I go from blog to blog, I'll find that I'm logged out for some reason. And then to try and re-log in, I get a page that tells me that I can't do that unless cookies and javascript are enabled.

Now, trust me, I may be "Stupid" in a lot of ways, but techno-crap is where I shine. I know computers/internet very well, and I have yet to disable cookies ever. I eat cookies way too often to consider disabling them.

I'm actually very surprised that this has been happening, since Blogger is usually borderline flawless in its performance. But the good folks at Blogger never leave you without options. Friends of mine have problems using the comment section at all, and try as I might, I cannot simulate what the difficulty is that they're having.

Of late, they've provided us with many means of using their comments section. The newest allows you to simply type in your nickname, add your blog address and comment away. This I have yet to have a problem with.

I have been told very many times that "StupidJimmy" is an unpleasant nickname to be using. I'm "stupid" in a lot of ways, and we'll save that for another day. What my dearest, closest friends call me is Lippy. Yep, Lippy. "Hi Lippy," "love ya Lippy" et al. have become some of the sweetest words in the world to me. So what better one to go with when Blogger is on the fritz, right?

I shall use that when Blogger falls down on the job. I only mention that because I was pushed into explaining a comment that I'd left somewhere. Therefore, if you see a comment in your blog (typically, dumb ones) you'll know who it is if you're a reader here. Otherwise, don't worry about it!

Say "Hello, Lippy!" 'cause now you'll know who Lippy is.

Bye now.