Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Little Boot Service

This morning, I had a little time to waste and caught a consumer report from Good Housekeeping labs about, (one of my favorite topics) women's boots. This report set out to find the best boots to buy when you want to keep your feet warm in the Winter. I was a little surprised out the actual outcome (you'll probably be too)

The Top Four for Comfort and Style (subjectively on the style of course)

Uggs Bandon

The Uggs "Bandon" Boot for $200 (click on the photo if you wanna buy them - I'm SO good, huh?)

Sorel Waterfall

The Sorel Waterfall boot...$95

Clarks Regina

Clark's Regina Boot...$149

Funny thing was, the best-rated boot was also the most inexpensive:

LL Bean Insulated

L.L. Bean's Insulated Comfort Boots for, (check this), $39.95

Now while I'll admit that my taste normally runs more along the lines of these:(Stuart Weitzman - a mere $525 at Zappos - sure, why not, get TWO pair, right?)


I'm fully aware that there's a real need to buy functional boots too, 'cause if your feet freeze off, then you can't wear any boots, and then who wins, right?

So there you have it. Always ready to do my public service here at Stupidsheet. I know your day's a lot better now.

Well, mine is...



  1. Love those leather boots, but you're right, they're pretty impractical for real actual boot use. Kinda liked those Uggs, though.
    Great public service - thanks Lippy!

  2. Oh, you creep! I was ON Zappos doing some shopping earlier today. Where were you when I needed ya??


  3. I like the ones by L.L. and RED! (My favorite color!)

    To be honest, though...I live in the desert, and pretty much wear flip flops year 'round! Don't be hatin'! ;)

  4. Okay I love boots too!
    For keeping warm, I have a pair of UGGS...they're not pretty but they keep the toes warm and then I have some black boots like the ones you've shown. Love them and the hubby does too. :)


  5. You worry me with the boots Jimmy... lol

    (But those Uggs are actually cute lol My Uggs are hideous lol)


  6. Clears throat......... Jimmy, you spent time looking at THAT? You have too much time on your hands my friend ;-)

  7. Ahhh...mon boots. I'm surprised you didn't share your boot site link again. Gotta' love a good UGG, and Clarks always comes through. Old LL has been a good standard on pretty much everything as far as I can remember. I wouldn't buy $525 boots...I just couldn't do it. ;) C.

  8. I've found quite often L.L. Bean is perfect for things like this...aaaannnnddddd they last far longer than your normal wear and tear on clothing and shoes. I'm with Gaz, what's up with woman's boots? Trying for the woman's vote here hon, you should know you already have that one. (Hugs) Indigo

  9. What a public service you are providing...I am living in my Ugg boots this year!! It is so f@cking cold I can't stand it!!
    I really wanted the red LL Bean boots but they have been sold out for ages...I tried to get 'em around Christmas.
    Love ya babe!


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