Monday, February 18, 2008

Lippy From Another Planet...


I sometimes have those moments where I realize that someone has no idea what I am talking about. It's partly because of local slang words or names (think hoagie, submarine sandwich, hero sandwich) and once we clear it up, off we go. It's also partly because I'm an imbecile, but we'll go into that another time.

So, short and sweet, I'd like to just get a couple of things cleared up so I avoid any more beatings, damage, insults, etc.

PhotobucketLet's start with the sandwich. Does anyone else in the country beside me eat a sandwich for lunch? Do you actually have supermarkets which have deli counters where you can buy the ammunition for a sandwich? And what do you call them?

PhotobucketThat's what we refer to around here as a "hero" sandwich. (I don't eat them that big, it's the best pic I could find, ok?) What do you call them? (and don't say disgusting, alright????)

Another topic...

In another blog community I participate in, they do something called "pimping." If I see your blog, love it and write about it in MY blog to get others to read it, I would say I "pimped" your blog. What do you call it? Blog-plug doesn't seem to count because that's leaving a link to your own blog somewhere else so people can find it, so ejumacate me here will ya?


Here's another thing. Usually, when I'm done with all my regular reads for the day, I like to go back and follow some links to blogs I am not familiar with. And if they're great, I like to comment, even if it's the first time. And if I really like the blog I will ask if it's ok to link their blog in mine. So here's what I'm wondering:

  • Are you ok with comments from first-time readers?

  • Do you like having comments that let you know that a reader "got" what you were saying? Maybe a little commiseration, or sympathy? Or are the standard "Great post" comments more your speed? You know, just so you know they were there?

Ok, now this is the last one...

Do you go back to a post that you've commented on, to see if your comment got a response from the author? I was working under some assumptions here, and you know what they say about when you assume...

Thanks my friends.


  1. You are too funny. Now you have me wanting some sandwiches. I don't eat sandwiches for lunch, but every once in a while I do make a good grilled cheese!
    No, I don't go back and see if anyone responded to my comment. That's funny though.

  2. I'm not a huge sandwich person, but every once in a while a crave one. I love me a club!

    I love comments 99% of the time, from anyone....especially first-timers. Although now that I'm private, that's sort of an impossibility. The 1% goes to the creeps and jerks who lurk and leave their nasty little 2 cents worth (not even worth that much).

    And yes, I go back and check posts again to either see what others have written or if someone has responded to mine.

  3. I think that if you are a blogger you should automatically love and expect, and strive for lots of comments. If you don't want comments, keep a diary, because blogging isn't for you.

    I'll take any comments I can get. I even allow anonymous comments on my blog. I will only delete a comment if it is dirty-dirty. I don't like dirty-dirty comments.

    As for commenting on comments. I usually only comment on a comment if someone has asked me a direct question in their comment, i.e.

    "So, Annie, you like Peoples Court, eh? How do you like Divorce Court?"

  4. Well, I like to prove that you can teach an old dog some new tricks.

    Kristen, I love a CLUB SANDWICH! I think the reason I do is because I generally only eat them when I can order out because they're a pain to make at home.

    Annie, nice to meet you. I don't like Dirty-dirty comments either. I can honestly say I've never left one yet! (at least not on purpose)

  5. You know I love me a good comment :)


    and don't talk about sandwiches - I am not allowed bread in this phase of my program.... that sandwich looked good man

  6. I enjoy a good sandwich every once in a while...also know as a 'hoagie' when I was younger but I don't use that term anymore. Don't know why. :)

    As for comments, I love comments but I realize I need to delurk, maybe come out of hiding on most of the blogs that I read. Do you think? :)

    I enjoy reading everyone's comments on different blogs and even the author responding to comments. It's all good.
    But I've wondered how time consuming it could get responding to all the comments and going back and forth....maybe it's not that time consuming. Maybe it's all worthwhile.

    Let us know what you find out.


  7. I eat sandwiches almost every day. Love them. No idea what I call them, I've moved to so many different areas of the country and there was a different name in each location. I quit trying to keep up :)

    As for comments, is there really anyone who doesn't love them? My favorite are comments that show some thought. Comments that make me think-even comments that make me think I'm wrong.

    And I do like when people respond to my comments. It helps me gauge how well I really understood what they were trying to say and it also makes me feel more like a "friend" and less like a member of a fan club.

  8. Mamma - duly noted. Consider yourself a friend! Although I have to admit I'm a member of your fan club!

  9. Michele, I'm going to have to see how that works out, lol.

  10. B - lol I got it! And no more sandwich talk.

    I promise folks, I won't fill this site with gratuitous talkbacks! I just wanted to show people that I listen :)

  11. First time here. Great post!

    Just kidding. But I'm too tired to come up with a meaningful response.

  12. Umm yes! of course its ok for anyone to comment (I'm doing it right now), especially first timers. Because how would u know that they visited? especially if you have several solid readers whom u know always read ur blog and sometimes dont bother to comment.

    And blogs are usually public, therefore encouraging ppl to comment.

    I dont check to see responses, because my comments usually dont need replys. (Do i need to get check up on this one?)

  13. Anonymous4:05 AM

    typiclly i would refer to that as "subway" LOL

    and i love comments especially ones from loser

    oh and ps i bombed your email


  14. On sandwiches....I call it a sub, as does my family, but there was this great place where I grew up called "Captian Hero Sandwiches" and they were called Heros there.

    As for commenting, yes I like comments, if they are nice, I'm not much in for a debate on my own blog. As for going back, sometimes I do, but to see what everyone has written.

  15. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Holy moly.... Okay, first, we call them subs, and that is my FAVORITE thing to eat for lunch. That, or a really hot cup of soup. Both, if I'm REALLY hungry.

    Second, I love comments. First time readers, too. And if someone takes something positive from what I've written, or they feel some kind of connection through my writing, I want to know. If they disagree with something I've written, then sure they can say so. Doesn't mean I'll change though. Most likely, it means that I won't.

    I'm not crazy about the whole "generic" comment thing ~ The "nice post... have great day" sort of comment. But, as with most things in life, I try to let it slide.

    I try not to let too many things bother me. If something DOES bother me, it's usually pretty big and I have a difficult time letting go.


  16. Yeah, I love comments. I don't care who gives 'em, I'll take 'em. Unless they're freaky.

    I SOMETIMES go back and see if anyone commented on my comment, but only if I think I was really HILARIOUS or something like that.

  17. Lucky for me I'm a resident NY'er so I understand your language perfectly (winks)....I do remember going to Fla. and asking for perogies and having everyone look at me like I lost my mind, even more so when I tried describing them. Same goes for mentioning grits to a New Yorker.....

    As for comments, I do think they give us much needed support. You get comments that let you know they truly get you and what your trying to say. I appreciate someone taking the time to drop a line in their busy days. I appreciate it even more when something is said and I realize they actually took the time to read my post, instead of just giving the have a nice day comment.

    As for new readers, I love it! It tells me what I'm writing is appealing to even more people than I originally thought. I take the time if they leave a link to see what they have to say in their own journals...Most often it's worthwhile. Once in awhile you come across someone who just wants, the comments. They dont have a lot to say and appear pushy. I don't feel obligated to visit them again.....

    My problem comes from ignorant , abusive jerks who don't have a backbone to leave a comment for everyone to see. Instead they email you with complaints about the content of "your" journal. It's easy enough to just block them and continue on. I refuse to be pushed into a private forum, because of jerks like this. This is rather long (Probably wishing you had not asked about right now). (Hugs) Indigo

  18. 1. Every regular supermarket has a deli section here which has not only the kind of fillings you're talking about, but also salads and usually roast chickens as well.
    2. I honest don't know if we have a common name for those sandwiches. I'll do some research and get back to you.
    3. I would call promoting another person's blog 'giving their blog a plug', although I do think it's cute when people say they are giving them 'linky love'. :)
    4. I comment anytime I feel to do so, whether it's my first or fiftieth time on a blog. I have no issue with first time commenters. I never ask if I can link someone because (a) seriously, who ever says 'no'? and (b) to some people it sounds like you're asking for a return link. I often mention if I've linked to a particular post, because to me that's a way of saying 'I'm using your ideas, but I'm also giving you credit for them'.
    5. I like comments that relate directly to what was in the post. Occasionally it's nice to get a 'hey you rock' comment, but generally I prefer discussion to cheer squad. And I have to say, the words 'great post' (on their own with no direct reference to the post) just look like someone is trawling for return readers. Obviously there are exceptions to that rule, but that's how it looks generally.
    6. I only go back to check for a reply to a comment if (a)the person tends to reply to comments and is interesting/funny with it (eg Nemesis), (b)the discussion generated in the comments was interesting and I want to see what else was said, or (c)the comment I left was a question or particularly cheeky (in other words, one that asked for a response).

  19. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Wow,I just read clear back to superbowl game. I don't get your alerts anymore--don't know why--need a geek---we often have sandwiches--sometimes for supper if we had a big meal at noon.We even have subs from SUBWAY once in a while. I love your journal and agree with almost everything you write. I still think you should have a weekly spot in the paper.I love comments and love to comment, but find it hard to do sometimes--and i really got in trouble with a comment I made to one blogger. It was not mean or dirty--just truthful, but she didn't want that. Barb

  20. Anonymous12:02 AM

    that last comment was from me--bvaneps834

  21. To me, a sandwich is a sandwich! I'm a simple person, haha! :)

    I like the term "blog-plug" a lot more than "pimping." It sounds so much nicer to me! ;)

    I LOOOVE comments...that's really my favorite part of this whole blog thing! I enjoy any comment at all, as long as it is nice. I'm happy when first time readers comment...that's so much better than lurking, and when they do comment, I try to always visit them and comment in return.

    I must say here that I really enjoy the comments you leave on my blog! Although I appreciate the standard "Great post" comments, yours show more thought, and lead me to believe that you did indeed "get" what I was talking about! So thanks! :)

    By the way...GREAT POST! :D

  22. I've never understood the plain-and-simple "great post!" comments... it feels too much like a placeholder of sorts, a "Kilroy was here" for blogging. I can appreciate that someone would want to take the time to let me know that they stopped by, but did they really read what I wrote? You know? And so I have much more blogger-love for my commenters who "get" me.

    I do try to keep an eye on posts where I've commented to see if the author has commented back at all. Sometimes there's more of a story that way.

    The things that intimidates me [as a reader and commenter] are posts that have tons and tons of comments on them already. If I'm a first time reader, I, personally, am less likely to leave a comment for the feeling that I'll be missed or overlooked. I mean, can you really hear one voice in a crowd of adoring fans? I think it depends on the author, and kind of goes back to the comment-answering... if I can see that the author takes the time to reply to their comments, I'll be more likely to add my two cents.

    Oh, and the first one is a sandwich, and the second it a hoagie. But! I'm from Pittsburgh, and we tend to speak our own language here.

    My apologies for the novel... :)

  23. I love sandwiches, and when they are really really big we call them dagwoods, but the medium sized one you posted a photo of is only a super-sub. Club sandwiches are always deluxe with bacon on whatever meat they are named for and hogies are what we used to call sub sandwiches.

    I love comments, real comments not even necessarily on the subject of the post. I don't require them though and get as much or more in my email box as I do online. I think that is because I have always been a letter writer and email people a lot so everyone feels comfortable just emailing me. I'm not much for the short post though sometimes one word is all it takes to describe an emotion....depends on whether I think its just a reminder I've missed a site lately I guess.

    I don't write for comments so much as for the opportunity to broadcast my weird and sometimes boring thoughts to the whole world without anyone having the ability to shut me up. It is an invitation to anyone who wants to talk...but never a demand.

    I go back to really interesting posts but I read so much that I don't have time to keep going back over what I've already read...LOL!

    Great post by the way Lippy....

  24. i like blog hopping on my favorite blogs. sometimes, i find another reading gem. i like making comments as much as possible, but sometime do not have the time to stop. i go back on blog comments to see if the author responded to comments.

  25. Well, the one in your picture would be a sub. To be a sandwich, it would have to have flat slices of bread. At least that's the way we distinguish it around here.

    Comments? I love them! Even from first timers! My favorites are the ones where someone has taken the time to think about it. Even longish comments are great.
    But I'll also take the "great post" comments.
    And I think it's a very high compliment when someone I've commented on comes back and comments on something I've written.

    I've never deleted a comment, but then, I've never gotten a really nasty one, either.
    Knock on, um, simulated wood finish.

  26. O.K. First off, that's a sub to me.

    I don't care for the term "blog-pimping" and would rather use blog-plug.

    I love comments and especially when someone comments the first time. (Haven't we all been a first-time commenter???) When I know people respond to comments, I usually go back to check, but if they don't, it's not a problem.

  27. Gillie10:21 PM

    Okay~my you wrote a busy post.

    I have called sandwiches all names you have described (mostly because I am a military brat and have lived all over) but in Casa Gillen we call them sammiches! I love a good sammich!! All our supermarkets have deli counters where they will slice your sammich fixins fresh!!

    I don't know about the pimping versus plugging...I don't really like either of the terms.

    I don't always comment on all the blogs I read but I do try. I like getting comments from first timers but love my old friends who comment. The ones who have been around your blog for awhile and know your history tend to get more out of some entries! :: I don't really like the "Great post" comments but have been known to leave a few of those comments myself!

    I have never went back to see if there have been comments about my comment~should I? I know I have such fascinating comments...I might be missing out on something! :)

    Love ya babe!

  28. I call them subs.

    I do like new commentors, but my journal is private. And I don't do much pimping, unless I REALLY like the other persons blog/journal. I love getting all comments...good and bad. They all make me reflect on my own life and situations.

    And I hate when people respond to a comment back where the comments belong...meaning the author. I don't think enough people go back to check to see if the author responded. So if I want to respond to a comment I will e-mail that person back instead of commenting back in my own journal.

  29. Tiffany S.3:30 PM

    That was me on that "t" comment. I didn't mean to hit enter...oops!


I love comments. I won't lie about that!