Friday, February 01, 2008

Introducing, "Lippy!"

I've had something unusual happening to me lately, when using Blogger. As I go from blog to blog, I'll find that I'm logged out for some reason. And then to try and re-log in, I get a page that tells me that I can't do that unless cookies and javascript are enabled.

Now, trust me, I may be "Stupid" in a lot of ways, but techno-crap is where I shine. I know computers/internet very well, and I have yet to disable cookies ever. I eat cookies way too often to consider disabling them.

I'm actually very surprised that this has been happening, since Blogger is usually borderline flawless in its performance. But the good folks at Blogger never leave you without options. Friends of mine have problems using the comment section at all, and try as I might, I cannot simulate what the difficulty is that they're having.

Of late, they've provided us with many means of using their comments section. The newest allows you to simply type in your nickname, add your blog address and comment away. This I have yet to have a problem with.

I have been told very many times that "StupidJimmy" is an unpleasant nickname to be using. I'm "stupid" in a lot of ways, and we'll save that for another day. What my dearest, closest friends call me is Lippy. Yep, Lippy. "Hi Lippy," "love ya Lippy" et al. have become some of the sweetest words in the world to me. So what better one to go with when Blogger is on the fritz, right?

I shall use that when Blogger falls down on the job. I only mention that because I was pushed into explaining a comment that I'd left somewhere. Therefore, if you see a comment in your blog (typically, dumb ones) you'll know who it is if you're a reader here. Otherwise, don't worry about it!

Say "Hello, Lippy!" 'cause now you'll know who Lippy is.

Bye now.


  1. HELLO Lippy!

    (I just wanted to be the first to say so.)


  2. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Hello "Lippy" Looks like I am the second one I wanted to be the first but someone beat me to it :o) ~ Ally x

  3. Blogger's been malfunctioning a little this week if you ask me. And I really don't think you leave 'stupid' comments at all. If anything they are the opposite.

    Lippy.....does that have anything with giving 'lip'? (Ha, ha)

  4. I've always wondered where or how you were given this nickname. It's very endearing! :)


  5. Thanks for the heads up. I think I would of figured that one out, seeing as I'm a reader of your blog. (winks) (Hugs)Indigo

  6. AH hah! It all makes sense now.

    Wellllll hello Lippy!

  7. Hee-hee... Love ya lots, Lippy!! :)

  8. Well, hello Lippy!

    My hubby wanted to clean up the hard drive or something, so he disabled cookies. I couldn't even believe how annoying it was to have to type everything out! But a couple days ago the cookies found their way back home to our computer, YAY!

  9. I appreciate the explanation on the disable cookies thing. (I'm not so techno brilliant, but I do have a couple of kids who are, and they usually help me with that sort of stuff ; )

    I'll watch for lippy.

  10. Okay so that explains WHY you commented with that name earlier lol Not that I really thought about it lol

    Blogger is good but sometimes... they have weird crap happen lol


  11. Funny that I can leave a comment on this entry, but not on your biggest heart entry.

  12. Thou art dubbed. ;) C.


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