Sunday, February 03, 2008

G I A N T victory...

Well looky here! The NY Giants are the 2008 Super Bowl Champions! What a great win for the Giants, what a great day for the Manning family (2 Super Bowl Champs in a row, remember...) and a great game for football fans who got a good, tight game to enjoy right to the last minute!

I feel a little more badly than I might ordinarily for the other team because the Patriots had a date with history. But it wasn't meant to be.

I love my GIANTS! And I won't be cleaning anyone's apartment (Jenna :) ) because I won the bet too.

Congratulations to the whole NY Giants organization, and to Eli Manning for his MVP selection.


  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    OOH Yeah! I was all for the Giants! My son in law coached Corey Webster and of course Eli Manning is a homeboy. His dad couldn't win with the Saints but he watched two of his sons do it. Hooray Giants!


  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Congrats to the Giants, but what a disappointment for the Pats...

    I spent most of the game joking around with my gal pals anyway... I'm so easily distracted during sports ~ even if it WAS the Super Bowl. ::sigh:: Sad, but true.

    Congrats on winning your bet too, my dear... No small matter there!


  3. Glad your team won!

  4. BamaWmn11:57 PM

    Congrats, Jimmy.... As you know, I'm a big PATS fan, but it was one great game!! I lost a bet... I have to buy dinner! LOL


  5. Way to go Giants!!
    I thought of you during this game knowing you had a bet going. Yay, no cleaning for you!
    I went into this game wanting the Patriots to win, only because Tom Brady is gorgeous...but decided at game time to go with the Giants. Gotta love the underdog.
    It was a great game!


  6. Anonymous4:30 AM

    hi lippy
    yeah i had the game on but i really couldnt sit down and watch because i have been cleaning for the lady from first steps to come over today (now) im still up, haha
    headed to bed tho
    glad to hear you wont be cleaning LOL

  7. Anonymous7:55 AM

    YEAHHHH I am so happy that the Giants won. I love Payton and Eli!! Linda (sangrialel)

  8. Congrats on your bet!
    Glad OUR team won!(even though I feel bad for the other team...;( )
    Congratulations GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My hubby was so happy the Giants won! I did not watch the game or even see the commercials...heck, I was too busy reading blogs, haha! :D

    I did run in and watch the replay of a most excellent play near the end...I was very impressed!

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  11. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Congrats Jimmy! i kept telling everyone that the Giants could be the Pats in the Super Bowl no one listened too many did not give the Giants enough credit i rooted for the Giants on this one..kbear

  12. I'm sooo excited they won! The deserve it! It was an awsome game

  13. I don't really follow the NFL (I know, blasphemer(!)), but I am always all about the underdog. I know the Giants are a great team and, obviously, deserved to be there, but I think a lot of people expected the Pats to win with ease. I must say it was pretty dang cool to see NY come out on top!

  14. Anonymous8:47 AM

    It was a great game...and whoever won was really ok with me. The Pats, well, they could have made history...and the Giants, who doesn't love when the underdog wins!
    xoxo ~Myra

  15. Hehehe...YAY! Congrats! ;) C.

  16. Do have to say... I'm NOT a huge football fan... But daaayum that was an awesome ending lol I actually squealed when the Giants won. Will went nuts lol

    But, does suck for the Patriots. So close and denied. Sucks to be them.



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