Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Little LipService.

Blog pimpin', blog-plugs, yeesh. I find blogs that I like and I want to link to them, but of course, being me, I get hung up on what to call the act.

I'm just going to call it LipService. Just seems like a good fit.

Anyway, lately I've become a little obsessed with food. Not eating food, but preparing food. I record Food Network shows, I browse the Web, I read magazines I'd probably get laughed at for reading.

I have the fun job of coming up with meals that Pop can eat safely, while at the same time trying to satisfy the fickle palates of three kids. And there are only so many "healthy" meals you can prepare without a mutiny. Sometimes you have to spice it up, so to speak. You need resources, my friends!

Well, here's one that speaks to me. Real food that's really good is a huge attraction for me. This site, "We Are Not Martha", offers some great recipes and links to resources I can actually use. It's a really cool blog/website. Check it out if you get a chance.

Tell 'em Lippy sent ya.


  1. That's why I'm glad I don't have to cook unless I want to. Seriously....sometimes it gets to the point where I throw my hands in the air and say "I'm going to Panda Express".

  2. I need as much help as I can get when it comes to poor family!! I'm going to take a look at the site. Thanks for the help!!


  3. I love preparing food too! Rachael Ray's 30-Min Meals is an awesome show. I love her.
    Even her morning show has some awesome recipes!

  4. Aww I'm glad you like our site! You can pimp us all you want :)

    We're liking The StupidSheet, too!


  5. LipService...I like it. :)

    For some good recipes...check out the Everyday Food website (yes it is a Martha Stewart show...but the food is easy, healhty and fab!). I even get the monthly magazine!!

    I will check out your recommended site!

    Love ya babe!

  6. LipService? That's the best term yet! :D

    I love great food, especially if it's healthy. I do not watch cooking shows or read recipe blogs or even open my cookbooks! Good thing my darling daughter does all those things, haha! :D

  7. LipService!!! It's perfect!!! I love it.

  8. I love it! Thanks for the link - I can always use new ideas!

  9. We have become a nation of couch potato's watching cookery shows. We watch and learn and have great kitchens installed then eat out! How crazy is that?


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