Thursday, February 21, 2008

No No No No

I had forgotten about that stupid website, "" and the idiocy that goes on there. They think they're influencing the voting on American Idol. Maybe they are, but...

Anyway, the people who like Idol and want the best to win are the ones I like to talk to. It was obvious that the show's detractors were having fun last season (Sanjaya, anyone?) and I really don't want to see a talent go home in favor of a circus act. How do you feel about that?

The show's fans have a "vote" site of their own now, courtesy of Lippy :) is our outlet. Go check it out if you want. There are episode updates, etc.

And no laughin' at Lippo for likin' Idol, ok?


  1. How can I laugh at lippy when I'm a fan myself? You gotta admit that show is addicting.

    Votefortheworst needs to roll over and die.

    Hey, it might help to put your link on your sidebar.

  2. I'll admit it...I've been watching this season. I'm hooked too. Past seasons, not so much.
    I'll be watching tonight to see who goes home. Who will it be??


  3. Don't shoot me...I don't watch AI. Never have...can you still be my friend?
    Love ya babe!

  4. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I finally got my cable hooked back up and running just in time for Weds. night's female competition. I haven't seen the men at all.

    I LOVE this show, but get really frustrated when the wrong people go home. Or when the wrong people STAY (Sanjaya who??)! If I were younger, this would have been a dream of mine, so I enjoy seeing others reach for the sky.

    I've heard of that site you mentioned ~ who not to vote for. I've never actually checked it out though. The other one sounds interesting... Thanks for the link!


  5. I love AI. And this year's great! If we can ever get caught up and watch the show live, instead of two weeks late DVR'd I will definitely stop by your site. I'm trying hard to avoid the if that's possible. I'm trying anyway :)

  6. I LOVE American Idol. There were a lot of talented folks last season. Some of the "bad" ones kill me thinking they can actually sing and get offended when they are told by the judges they can't. :-0




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