Friday, February 29, 2008

The Littlespot

I've always enjoyed experimenting with web-based business ideas. I have been tinkering around for a while, creating my own T-shirt/apparel business, Lippytees, my own website design company, aimed at small-business owners, and now, a small-business advertising directory called The Littlespot. The site is located at

I'd like to outline quickly exactly what the Small Business Directory is, in case someone happens onto this blog.

The Littlespot is a new approach to small-business advertising. It's really intended for the really small business, one that might just be starting out. We like to call those "Little Businesses."

Our idea is simple. The site serves two purposes. One is to solicit advertisers to purchase a spot in the Directory (A Littlespot, as we call it). The other is to invite consumers to browse the directory to find goods and services they need. The beauty of the Directory is, the advertisers are all small businesses, with links directly to their website or contact information. For small businesses, we offer the option of purchasing a Littlespot Page, which is a single webpage that contains the business' information.

And the best part is, the cost. A full year of advertising, with a banner and link is only $100.

This is a sample of a Littlespot banner:

For businesses with a tighter budget, we offer a text-link advertisement for $50 for a one-year ad.

This is a sample of what a text-link ad looks like:

Your Biz here

Once your ad is placed, it stays in the same place for as long as you own it. If your ad places first on a particular page (ads are sold on a first-come, first serve basis) it will always be the first ad in that category.

Check out the site at  We think you'll like what you see.




  1. Gaboatman6:52 AM

    I took some time to tip toe through "The Littlespot" this morning and really liked the layout and ease of use. I think it is a great idea and I hope you have great success with it.

  2. Hey Jimmy,
    I think it's a neat-oh idea, and someday, when I finally decide what kind of E-business I'm gonna start, I'll probably even buy an ad from ya! But, for now, if you have a banner, I'd be happy to market The Littlespot on my Space and my blogs all over the net. Free! No Charge! Yeah, really! I bet others would too! Wouldn't ya'll?


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