Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Way Others See Us...

I had mentioned one time that the nicest description of me was the time someone called me a "sweet" guy. Now it would take a good eye to see through all my nonsense and come up with that description, but I really liked that someone thought of me that way. "Sweet" is good - I'll take it; in fact, if that were written on my gravestone, I'd die happy.

But someone else saw something in me recently that I found so flattering. My friend Holly bestowed this award on me:

And that really made my day. I don't have a lot going on lately, and I'm feeling a little out of the loop as far as the world is concerned, and I'll take a smile anytime.

I like to think that I do have a big heart. I'm not perfect, but I try not to do bad things on purpose. I try to go out of my way when things need to be done, and I like to think that I'm someone who can be counted on when the chips are down.

So thank you, Holly. As always, being around you is a really nice place to be.

I have to share this award, of awards are meant to be paid forward.

I haven't shared awards with a couple of people yet, and these are some folks with a nice, big heart.

Michele has always been a favorite of mine. She is a good, devoted and fun Mom to her kids, wife to her husband, and friend to me. She always knew when to ask how I was, and then stayed with me when I proceeded to whine.

Nancy is a good and trusted friend to me, but she's also a good wife and a GREAT pet owner. She's someone that no one would dispute as a choice in the big-heart category. She likes to get out there and actually meet her bloggin' buddies, and makes the effort where others might not.

Niki and Dave. Well, they don't have a blog (at least not one that they let me read!) but they have two of the biggest hearts I've ever had the privilege to be touched by. They took better care of me than I deserved all the months that I was an invalid, and stuck by me when a lot of other people didn't. I could never truly say that I was alone when they were around. They moved away some months ago, and I miss the hell out of them. We're going to have dinner soon, that's for sure.

Well that ends tonight's award show :) Back to the Idiot Show a little later on!


  1. My big ol' heart is feeling nice and warm right about now....

    : )


  2. Congratulations once again Jimmy! Wonderful choices! (Hugs) Indigo

  3. Well, I agree, you have the sweetest, kindest & most gentle heart, rarely found in one person, never mind one man! Ü
    I know Nancy also is a sweetheart & so deserves your award!( I am sure the others do too, but I do not know them) Ü
    Congrats to all the winners!

  4. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Congrats, Jimmy! You are very deserving of such an award and you've passed it on to some good hearted people. I love these kinds of awards. They really mean something and make it a "feel good" day.

    Hope yours is a beauty!


  5. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Jimmy I think you are one of the "Sweetest" and kind hearted people I know ~ and you have passed that award on to some other kind hearted and caring people ~ Ally x

  6. Aww so sweet. Just read Nancy's post about receiving her award lol Really made me smile.


  7. Sir, you shouldn't really be surprised...sarcastic curmudgeons (WHO NEED TO BE SYNDICATED) ALWAYS carry those attributes. They can. ;) C.

  8. Congratulations on receiving your award! You really are deserving of it! :D

  9. You totally deserve this!

  10. I can't think of anyone I would nominate faster for this award than you, Jimmy. I'm so glad you're getting some recognition for all your efforts and the kind of person you are. I think you're making a bigger impression on more people's lives than you would have ever thought possible. The kindness you spread has a way of multiplying.

  11. Sweet is good, big heart most definitely. That's why you're loved so much! Genuine!!

    Thanks for making me smile today.

    You're the best.


  12. Look at all that positive feedback, Jimmy. You're aces in a lot of people's books! xoxo

  13. Well you know I've always said you were a sweetheart You deserve this award and 10 others like it.

  14. I don't think I know anyone who deserves that award more than you!
    Love ya babe!


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