Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Dumb

I really hate being one of those dumb people. I hate the fact that everyone has to tell me what to do, how to do it, or that I should or shouldn't do something.

My house is flooded thanks to the endless rains of the past 200 years. But see, all her friends told her that there's no way the house should be flooded because I have French drains and two sump pumps.

Now I can just ignore all that water. It just isn't supposed to be there. So I'll put away the boots, the hoses, the Shop Vac, etc and sit and watch TV the rest of the time. Isn't that great?

Yep, those friends who earn millions of dollars a year being Experts on Everything on Earth save me so much trouble. The same folks who told me I was way too young to have a cancer a few years ago saved me countless rounds of chemo. Who needs Doctors when I have EEE's.

Anyway, I'll be downstairs swimming in the mirage.

It's not really there.

I hate being dumb.


  1. WHAT? Cancer?
    DId I miss something?

    We had the rains too, but this time we didn't get the water in the basement. Thank God! Last time, it was because the gutters were clogged. Who would have figured. Had no idea, that would cause all the water.
    We used the shop-vac till we figured out how to use the sump pump...;( Talk about dumb!
    I didn't even know we had one...LOL.
    Hope everything is fine now...

  2. Jimmy hope you have got rid of all that water (Which we know isn't really there :0) ~
    Happy St Patrick's Day hope it is a good one for you ~ Ally x

  3. People can say all they want, but in the midst of madness, only you can experience for yourself, take the shots as they come and do all you can to make it better. I am the queen of ignoring something that makes me feel 'dumb' and sometimes it actually WORKS. But in this case, I know, that YOU know, that isn't the best solution.

    I wish I had some advice, but right now all I can offer is words of comfort, hope and friendship. For what it's worth, I'm thinking of you and sending up some hefty prayers.


  4. Hi Jimmy,
    Maybe you should put representative samples of your flood water into handy, one-gallon containers, and send it to those know-it-all friends as a gift?


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