Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming Clean, Going Home, May 2007

Well I went home feeling pretty crushed. That ride on the Ferry was the first time I think I'd ever ridden without keeping an eye out for an opportunity for humor. I was looking through the pictures on my phone, and I realized I started worrying about layoffs quite some time ago. I remembered that I kept telling myself to take pictures in and around the Exchange, seeing places, things and people in an environment that I might well never see again. I remember then snapping photos on the walk from the Exchange to the Ferry, on the ferry, and going home. I wanted to remember exactly how I felt that day, at each moment.

I left that meeting with my severance package. I left that day with some minor agreements worked out. I left a piece of my soul in that building, but I left with dignity intact. I knew that this was a situation that was inevitable.

A number of people thought that I should consider litigation. I was a handicapped person who was cut loose from a cold corporation at a time when I needed it most. Others suggested filing for permanent disability payments. But I figured I'd get back on my feet soon enough and as long as I was physically able to work, then I should be working. I believed things would work out and this episode would just be a chapter in my life story. I had no idea it would become such a major part of the plot.

I went home and, remarkably, slept.


  1. I am sure your system needed the sleep to deal with the stress.

  2. Jimmy,
    I never knew that you had went through all this...Please keep writing...I am so sorry about your job...Sometimes we don't understand why things happen, but Jimmy, I have looked back through the early years of my life and I have seen why some things happened the way they did...Let me tell you, it all seemed to fit together like a puzzle once I began looking back and rememebering major milestones in my life. ..It is sort of like "if this hadn't happened, then I wouldn't have met this person, or such" I am pryaing for you my friend.


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