Thursday, December 15, 2005

Screwing Around

So, sometimes I have to much time on my hands, what are you gonna do? I felt like taking a shot at the Overlords as they test the new "beta" for Journals! What do you think is going to come of that?

Anyway, do me a favor? If you don't see your Blog or Journal listed on my sidebar, would you mind leaving me a link? Kids are at school, and I have a little time to play, HA!


  1. Love it, love it, love it!

  2. LMAO.

    I don't see any links...

    Love You Stupid,

  3. Hi, I visit often but rarely (if ever) have I left a comment, as your comments seem a bit overwhelming to me-you have ALOT of readers (friends).
    Anyway, I love reading about you, and I love your ANTI AOL adds LOL
    Please stop by my place anytime!

  4. This ad is hilarious, I love it! I won't be getting screwed by AOL after the first of the year, I'm ditching them, whoo hoo!
    ~Colleen :)

  5. Hey sugarlump!
    Don't know whats gonna happen with the beta shit. It's probably gonna suck just like the rest of it. have my journal listed, but its the old blogspot one.
    Here is my aol addy...



    Can't leave a witty comment. Too busy ROFLMAO.

  7. I am proud to find myself listed over at your sidebar and I am, as always, lovin' every moment I spend in your space :) {{{{{Jimmy}}}}} you're the greatest (but don't tell my Mark, he thinks he's the greatest) LOL!

  8. heh. You do have too much time on your hands... but you use it well :)

  9. hello, st.g: it's just me, debra of
    I read over the list and didn't see me linked over there. I thought, hm, could be cuz it's an AIM journal...or maybe he just forgot lil ole me. SURELY, it can't be for any other reason...(grin). hoping you have good holidays!!

  10. that is perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Well, {{{{{Jimmy}}}}} I sure do feel like I get a lot of good stuff out of it when you have too much time on your hands! This is just too good! You rock {{{{{Jimmy}}}}}!!!!!

  12. jlocorriere@aol.com7:13 PM

    Sidebar, what sidebar?!! Can't see one anywhere!! I just bought the new MacAfee virus scan off AOL, now it takes me twenty minutes to get onto AOL!! One day they'll do something to please us! My journal's private now but if anyone wants to read it they can email me and I'll add them to my list. Jeannette.

  13. Anonymous9:17 AM

    your "ads" are cracking me up! keep up the good work!

  14. LOL. :-)

    Here's my link.


  15. that is just funny....

  16. haha. so true.

    your talented at that Flash.

    --cya around,


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  18. Omigod that logo is funny! Love your journals, dude.

    Here's my link(since you did ask):



    There's my blogger link :)


  20. Love the graphic! I had to scroll WAY down to see the links, but didn't see mine. =(

    love ya hun...

  21. I love the that part of the new beta?

    ha ha

    My Blog
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  22. I'm not in your side bar.


  23. Anonymous1:09 AM

    fun! sheet guy!


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