Thursday, August 24, 2006

One of Those Things

I have a mystery here in my home. On my bed, there's 6 pillows. 2 of those pillows are kind of for looking, not using. They're covered with pillow shams.

Now I know there's no good reason for me to have pillows in shams, but that's not the point. This morning, I get up to make up the bed, and one of the "shammed" pillows isn't there. I looked all around, behind, under the bed. No pillow.

What the hell? Maybe that's why I wasn't hungry for breakfast.

I live alone, by the way, and I figured since the TV was still here, it wasn't a burglar. Who knows...


  1. Never mind that you might have eaten the damn thing...think about whats going to happen when its time for it to come back out!
    Love you!

  2. LOL! Any dream about giant marshmallows? You are too funny.


  3. Someone must have stolen your pillow. What a sham!

  4. Hey...long time no see!! That is just too funny!

  5. Jeff stepped on the line I had already mentally written. ::sigh:: Wait, that shows that Jeff is highly amusing! Go Jeff!

  6. Did it turn up yet? Don't leave us hangin'!


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