Saturday, August 09, 2008

So Here We Are...

I can't believe how fast time goes by when you're not checking the clock. I don't want to write all that stuff about "how busy" I am, I've been, because sometimes that sounds like you're trying to make a hero out of yourself, when in reality, it's more likely that I'm just a lousy time manager.

Another year has gone by since my friend took her life. I liked to write about her every year, and I missed that opportunity this time around. I promise her a beautiful, lengthy memorialization next year.

I'm making a go of the new career. I'm not knocking the cover off the ball by any means, but I am following the right path, it seems. I just attained my first promotion. The promotion doubled my pay scale, so that means it really matters. I look at my kids, every night. Every single night. And while they are lying there sleeping, it reminds me of just how much they depend on me, and also reminds me of the responsibility I absolutely have to to live up to. So there's no time for the "victim" mentality. Things took a wrong turn, and I was feeling wronged. Yeah, and that will buy about half a cup of coffee and little else.

So that means a lot of hours, a lot of work, a lot of aggravation. And only a little blog time. It's funny how much you can miss that.

Some other things I miss:

  • Music. Music I looked forward to driving to; music I couldn't wait to buy. This isn't the lamentations of an old fool looking for the Beatles to come back. I was always a huge Popular Music fan, very progressive, always on top of the latest. What we're being fed now is crap. Pure, adulterated techno-tweaked garbage. I can't wait for the next "movement."

  • French Fries. Fresh sliced potatoes (ok maybe frozen, alright?), deep fried in vegetable oil. And that's it. No sprayed-on seasoning (I'll do that myself pal)and better yet, no sprayed-on starch or whatever the hell that gunk is. It turns the fries into finely seasoned styrofoam. Yuck, barf, whatever you want to interject there. Gimme potatoes and oil and maybe some salt. I'll worry about my own arteries.

  • Human face-to-face conversations. You know, the ones that aren't interrupted by cellphone calls. See, if we're chattin', and that call comes and is more important, that's your prerogative. But I'm done and I'm walkin'. These damned things have become like baby pacifiers for grownups. People can't seem to be off them for more than a minute. Technology isn't always great, I guess. I see them lining up outside Walmart every morning here, so they can get inside and start making their cell calls. Just friggin' stupid, in my opinion.

So what else is going on...? I don't think my interest in a Presidential election has ever been this low at this point. I hope it gets a little more engaging before November. I don't want another vote of mine to be cast for the lesser of two evils.

Oh, and, I think giving someone a "self-help" book is somehow contradictory, don't you? There's a group of folks I spend time with, and lately they've been on this whole "improvement" kick. I don't think that's bad at all. Heck, none of us is a finished product. But one of the ladies was talking about it, how she was going to fix a lot of things about herself. She then listed all these traits, habits, etc., about all these other people, and how they annoy her. And while she stated that she was going to be sure not to do any of those things herself, I couldn't help but think there was just one more correction she might want to consider, you know?

Hmmm...I'm also having a problem with the commercials from the drug companies lately. There's one where the woman is discussing an asthma drug, but she's a silhouette. You can't see her face or anything. She's like a spectre. Kinda like those idiotic Charles Schwab commercials, where they turned everyone into cartoon characters. And this other commercial, for some fibromyalgia medicine; they have probably the most annoying woman I've ever encountered as the spokesperson. I wonder if that's how they cross-market drugs? You'll need to buy the company's tranquilizer after a few viewings of the fibro drug commercial.

Oh alright, it's not all bad, ok? I'm just letting loose a little. I would love to ask you this: Is being feminine and exclusive trait? I mean, if a woman is all feminine, pretty and elegant, does that somehow detract from her other qualities? If she has pretty hair, can she not be smart and strong? Is femininity a bad thing to admire?

I'll leave ya with that. My many self-improvement categories include one for talking to much. I'm working on it.


  1. I'm so happy about the job situation, and that you got promoted. But was there any doubt about your abilities? If more men were like you in the sense of understanding their fatherly responsibilities, the world would be a better place. Your children are lucky.

    The feminine thing....I'll try to be brief. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing that side. I think the world tells us women that we need to be tough, independent, career-oriented, etc. Nothing wrong with those things, but she shouldn't be so focused on those things that she loses her femininity. Men and women are different for a reason. We are the nurturers, the sensitive and softer ones....and there's nothing wrong with that. But we can still be intelligent and strong at the same time, right? This is a topic that could be put in essay format.....

  2. Your head is in the right place JP. You have your priorities all set the right way. You are still my myspace pet, or at least you were yesterday. LOL I do agree about the drug commercials on TV, I really can't stand them. They become irritating to me especially the ones about erectile dysfunction and viagra. Have a happy Sunday and week ahead. Luv ya!

  3. Hey man, I read this last night and then I checked again this morning and there were still only 2 comments so I thought I should leave mine. I think people probably just don't know quite how to respond. I for one don't know anything about your friend who took her life; maybe I just haven't read enough of your blog. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Anyway, it sound like your head (and heart) are in the right place. Hang in there.

  4. I completely agree with you about the cell phone thing...RIDICULOUS!

    I am smart, strong and feminine...but not in the least bit elegant! Haha! :D

  5. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Miss you!!!! Glad we could catch up, even tho we were both busy.

    I feel like a woman can carry this trait and still be brilliant, because you know... it makes her extra special if she can be both.

    SO what is your view on this??

    Ly c

  6. COngrats on the promotion! Yay!
    And I'm SO with you on the Charles Schwab commercials. Seriously, I just turn the channel.

  7. Congratulations on your promotion, Jimmy. I know you'll excel wonderfully.

    I'm so sorry about your friend. I didn't know. Its lovely of you to remember her in writing each year.

    I was just saying to someone the other day that I felt like I was going to have to vote for the lessor of two evils again. Only this time, hopefully, my person will win.

    Take care of yourself.


  8. Yay jobness! So happy to hear that.

    I know, I'm an awful reader lately, but I've been an awful everything since the new job took my life away. FYI I'm quitting soon.

    Also, feminine... Hmm... No I think it's a good thing. I'm girly as all hell but you still think I'm KINDA sorta maybe sometimes a little smart about stuff right? So just cause I'm girly doesn't make me less anything does it? Idk, never really tried to think about that one. And it's too late and I'm too tired to think about it right now lol


  9. Good going on the job front!

    I agree with you on the french fries....oh, now you make me need to eat them, "thanks" says the pregnant woman who is trying so hard to not let food cravings rule her life.... :)

    As for feminity. I think it's slowly becoming a lost trait. Most of what the world equates with feminity is just slutiness, or over sexed porn stars. These are not feminine. I look at a feminity as you can be a woman, glory in that in being a mother, or a care giver or friend, but you can also hold your own in an arugement, protect the people you care about and kick butt when it needs to be kicked.

  10. Sorry I've been MIA. I know you know why. hehehe... Now I'm settled and ready to catch up! Yay on the job!
    Busy, busy, busy.

  11. Congrats on the promotion!

    "If she has pretty hair, can she not be smart and strong? Is femininity a bad thing to admire?"

    The way you've put that implies that femininity cannot be expressed through intelligence and strength. Femininity is about womanhood, not weakness. Smart does equal masculine. When there's a bear cub around, it's the mother you have to watch out for, not the dad. Womanhood is sometimes a nurturing thing, sometimes it's fierce. Both are different aspects of femininity.

    If you're asking if it's okay for smart, strong women to be girlie and think about make-up and shiny hair...sure, why not?


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