Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Things I Thought I Thought About

While it's true that I have been less-than-active in the Blogger world, that doesn't mean the brain hasn't been working overtime.

I think I might give up my current career. Yeah. And become a burglar.

Why, you might be thinking?

My current career has me on the road for many, many hours. Something has changed.

Is anyone ever at home anymore?

There was a time, we had "rush hour." A couple of hours before the workday began, the roads would jam up with cars because everyone was on the road getting to work. And of course, the same would be true for a couple of hours after the workday ended. Everyone was going home.

So this would leave a few hours during the day where non-essential travel could be accomplished rather painlessly.

Not anymore.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week now, the roads are packed. Millions and millions of cars out there, clogging the roadways. Where the hell is everyone going? Do they not like their homes anymore?

No one is ever at home. Either that, or the census count is way, way off.

So yeah, this apparent lack of at-home citizenry could be a bonanza for burglary. I just wonder who's feeding the dog, ya know?

And speaking of going places, howbout this?

I saw one of those infomercials the other night. It was for this device which uses ultrasound waves to chase rats and roaches out of your house. It doesn't kill them, it merely urges them to find somewhere else to be. Get lost.

So...just suppose for 30 seconds or so, that this product really did work as claimed. Now everyone with half-a-brain who wanted to be rid of rats and roaches would simply buy one or two of these toys, and plug it in. Roach and Rat free house. Voila!

Except: where would all the rats and roaches go? Where would they call "home?" And how nasty would that place be, huh?


Time on my hands is rare, but it's still very productive.

Oh, and Blogger still thinks my blog is being written by a BOT. Imagine a robot this dumb?


  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Jimmy so glad you are OK ~ I began to wonder where you were ~ Ally

  2. So glad to see you around again...and I agree....rush HOUR is now RUSH ALL DAY....and the roads must be shrinking cause there just isn't enough room for all of these cars, hence, UNBELIEVABLE traffic!!

    Yes, I still post...stop by anytime!


  3. Jimmy, whats with the Word Verification!!! Didn't we discuss this once before????Hmmmm?...Ü
    Nice to see you posting again.
    Miss your silliness~

  4. Anonymous3:29 PM

    nice to see you sunshine... sending good thoughts your way.

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    hopefully all the roaches and rats go somewhere else far far away. LOL at least not nj or in :)


  6. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I certainly hope none of my neighbors get one of those roach/rat things...or maybe I should get one BEFORE they do!! Glad to hear you've still got some pet peeves...take care...
    xoxo ~Myra

  7. I'm glad to hear from you. Hope everything gets better with time. I've not been posting much myself these days. Long story.


  8. Also glad you are back!

    Since school has started for me- I've found I've been posting on my blog more intermittently that I'd like. :(

    The rush hour thing really got me thinking of the 101 and 405 in Los Angeles. Not fun. Not fun at ANY time of day.

  9. how come they call it rush hour when nobody moves?

  10. Good to see some of the old Jimmy back. How are you my friend? I've been busy, but still stopping by. Haven't forgotten you :)

  11. Jimmy
    Great to see you writing again! Yes, what kind of place would it be if all the roaches and rats ended up there? UGH!

    I. too, have noticed non-stop heavy traffic on our roadways. Buckle up, because it will only get worse, not better. With the current population growth rate, we seem to be over running ourselves. No wonder someone started calling it the "Rat Race."


  12. Oh, do I know that feeling of everyone being out. I thought to myself once- I'll go to the post office at 10am, when no one is there on a Wednesday. Umm.. .yeah... it seems as though that I wasn't the only one with that bright idea.
    I'm glad you're doing well though. Oh... and the infomercial... bright idea!! LOL

  13. ewww......I had the same thought when I saw that infomercial...ewww...

  14. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I was wondering where you've been! Don't be such a stranger.

  15. Ok, so I'm not the only one not posting. I don't feel so guilty now. Good to see ya! I agree with the rush hour rant--I go to work around 3pm and it's like that here. And I need one of those things you saw on the

    Annie =)
    (it's just pics, but I update THAT one)

  16. Anonymous9:05 AM

    It is so good to see you back here! It is amazing how many cars are out there on the road isn't it? It drives me nuts trying to get anywhere. Linda

  17. So why is it called 'Rush Hour'? It seems more like 'Traffic Jam' to me.

    So glad you are posting again. Wait, you will be posting again, won't you? This wasn't just a random blurp, right?

  18. Rush hour in my small town in 9am on Sunday morning, when everyone is trying to cram their cars into the numerous church parking lots around town, that's it.

    As for burgaling, there are some kid bikes my street that never get put could totally take them and I'd be happy about it. The kids would no longer be riding on my yard! :)

  19. Ewww! I don't even like seeing the words rats and roaches! Glad to see an entry from you Jimmy. I hope all is well in your world.

  20. Hi Jim, i love your blog, i am learning about how to do them to promote my business, and my sister niki (your old neighbor from eatontown, who says hi , by the way) said yours rocked...i have to agree!

  21. Rosemary11:21 AM

    Hey there! I can be the look out and get away driver!

    How do you like this blog venue?


  22. Hi Jimmy! See still I live and I even opened the door back up to my blog.

    As usual you crack me up! Where do those rats and roaches go? What if they all moved to our garages? Where would we park. Talk about cars cluttering up the streets! I don't even want to think about it.

    Well I would swear that you are not a bot if you need a character witness. Meanwhile take care and be good to yourself!


  23. PLEASE disreguard that other comment I posted. I did not realize it was an OLD entry. I have this new gadget on google that gives me feeds. Well, of course you're on there and it showed an old entry... not realizing the date. lol Ohhh... I'm very slow today. Forgive me, friend.

  24. Hey Jimmy, I just wanted to invite you to check out some of the pictures of my sister's Cherokee wedding. I posted them on my web page late last night.

    When are you going to post again?

  25. It's always good to read you. I loved your post on the old spot. I made my final AOL journal post and have moved on. My new link is:

  26. My question hasn't been if/when are they are home. But, why aren't they at work!!! I work out of my home so I am on the road at different hours wishing others would be at home or better yet at WORK. ::sigh::

  27. I know you're not a bot. They only want you to buy porn and "pills." You just talked about the sonic roach and rat thingy. lol

    Oh, and hi. Been a while huh? ;o)


  28. Hi Jimmy,
    Sad to say, but I think all those roaches and rats would end up at the home of the one poor shlub who wasn't watching the infomercial!

  29. Roads are more busy now, I often wonder where they're all going. When I was young men were never seen all day, they were at work! Come 6pm they'd be seen trudging up the road after a hard day at work! Perhaps the drivers of today are just driving around rather than go back to a cockroach or rat infested house 'cos they never bought the ultrasound device! Jeannette xx

  30. Jimmy keep looking for an update from you, hope it's not my computer mess up that is keeping me from your most current blog updat. Take care.


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