Monday, October 20, 2008

Things Is Fixed?

Usually Mondays aren't too great. I sometimes feel like I am the human equivalent of a Monday, you know, like no one really likes them, but they can't make them go away, so they deal with them as quickly as possible. And wait for Tuesday, of course.

So Blogger has finally surmised that I'm not a Bot (as in SPAMbot, as in Robot). I wouldn't make a very good robot. Robots don't typically fall down and break things. Or do Stupid things. And they can generally walk without a limp. And without crutches.

It's funny...while I was in Spam Purgatory, it just meant that I had to type in one of those word verifications in order to publish my entries. Not really a big deal, but I didn't like having to do that. It kinda made Blogging less fun. And being that I had no or little time to Blog, the draw just kinda wasn't too powerful.

But two things have happened this day. Blogger figured it out, and, I actually have a couple of free hours. So now maybe I can get back to doing what I do best: being annoying, like a Monday.

And now that I have been de-BOTted, I understand I can write a whole bunch of nonsense, and schedule it to publish in advance.

So, folks, I'm back.


  1. Welcome home!
    You were missed. Hey, catch us up on what you've been doing.

  2. It's about time!

  3. It's always great to have you back. I have commented rarely on your journal, but have been a faithful reader... errrrr "lurker". You are always missed when you're away!

    Nancy :-)

  4. Yay - a bunch of nonsense, my favorite! Thanks for stopping by today, it's so good to see you back! Welcome home!:-)

  5. Glad you are back and that things are working in SpotLand :o)

  6. Blogger just had to get to know you like we do. ;)

    Take care of you!

  7. All I have to say is "Yay!!!!"

    I've missed you.....

  8. Yay! I'm glad that you're back.

  9. If Mondays were as nice as you I wouldn't complain about them all the time. Welcome back.

  10. JIMMY!!! ::hugs:: Yay, you're not a bot! I knew it, I believed in you!

    Er... I haven't slept in a while... Excuse the hyper strange weirdness of me lol


  11. They have tagged one of my new business blogs or tagged me as being a bot. Whatever!

    I'm glad your back and for you information, Monday is my FAVORITE day of the week because it's my first day of REST after working ALL weekend with LONG hours.


  12. YAY! Welcome back Jimmybot!

  13. I am glad they figured it out. Computer glitches, aren't they fun.

  14. Really? You're not a robot?

    Bummer. ;)


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