Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Very Corny

Now that it's becoming more apparent that the Ethanol Mandate is probably going to go away, The Corn People are going to have to stop trying to shove their product in our tanks.

So now they're looking to start shoving it down our throats instead. How funny is this site?


  1. I think you forgot to create the link. I agree that the ethanol mandate will go away, it is hurting to many other areas that use corn.

  2. I've never wanted food in my gas tank..and besides there are still too many people in the world starving..they need to get a clue!~kbear

  3. Corn syrup as a sweetner? Oh good grief...How about as just a nice warm corn cob with butter. Some things really don't need to by hyped. Corn is one of them. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. YA - I've been seeing those corn syrup commercials, trying to say that corn is good. It seems a little like they're trying to hypnotize me!!

  5. Yeah, I'm not falling for the corn syrup is good for me (sugar isn't...duh) but I still love me some corn on the cob!

  6. Don't dismiss us corn people (I do live in Nebraska) so easily...we will get you one way or the other! :)

  7. Whaaat??? We don't get to contribute to global starvation??? Aww man... I wanted to...

    And corn syrup is good for candy. Nothing else. lol


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