Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things That Need To Stop!

Politics in this country will never get better. Bad weather will continue to ruin big events, taxes will always go up, and the government will always suck no matter who is in power.

Those things we can't change.

There are a few things, though, that we probably have a bit of control over. And I was thinking of a few that we could could fix. Or at least make go away. Let's look at my suggestions, and then maybe you could add yours to the list.

Here goes:

  1. Tire Warranties. Firestone, Bridgestone, it doesn't matter. If you read the list of things these tire warranties don't cover, it's 10 times as long as the list of things that are under warranty. Basically, if your tire goes flat, get a new one. The tire company will only make YOU go flat trying to make a claim.

  2. Same with Verizon Wireless. Their "water damage" bullshit, the reason they will declare a phone out of warranty is a crock. Even if you live in the desert, during an extended drought, that little red button by the battery will tell them your phone is water damaged. Blame it on a mirage maybe.

  3. People who include the phrase "wake up people!" when they're expressing their political opinions. Yeah genius, the whole world has been hibernating while you went and figured it all out.

  4. Calling Reality TV "Reality". Most of us don't, and probably couldn't live in that "reality." And others among us don't want to ever accept that people like that define "reality."

  5. Dismissing asenine, rude, obnoxious and stupid behavior in others by saying "Oh it's just So-and-So being So-and-So." No, Sir, an idiot is an idiot. It's not charming. "Free Spirit" is not the moral equivalent of "Complete Moron."

  6. Television broadcasts that are nearly unwatchable now due to the screen being splashed with logos, animated ads and crawls. Advertise during scheduled breaks. simple as that.

  7. Business news channels. CNBC, FBN, Bloomberg, whatever your choice. The reporters on these channnels have now assumed the role of "Experts." 90% of what these so-called "Experts" are spewing over the air is complete nonsense. Go back to reporting on stories, and stop editorializing. Let the experts be experts. Those people screwed things up badly enough. We don't need reporters and anchors adding their own two cents.

  8. And let's close with a business fix. The CEO's and their teams of leaders, who have blessed us with the most recent financial disaster need to be held accountable for their accomplishments. This wasn't "business gone awry", this was arrogance, ignorance and stupidity run amok. These people didn't fall prey to cyclical downturns. These people let greed lead them to try and tap into something that should have been left alone. Period. Make some noise. Get them called onto the carpet.

OK, your turn...


  1. Looks like you pretty much covered it, lol, and may I say AMEN!~ :-)

  2. I hate when you are watching a show and the show has some type of subtitle or such and you can't read it all because of a logo or the crawl from the network! UGH!

  3. I love the reality tv one. : p

    I could think of a few more things to add to that list but I wont. : D


  4. Those ads on the bottom of the tv are almost discrimatory. They tend to block the close captioning at times. If your deaf, it's the same as intrupting a program for some stupidity.

    Don't do the warranty deals ever...most times the products will hold out till a few days after the warranty has run out..never fails.

    You seem to have covered some good ones here. Favorite was about people saying "Wake Up People", I've been awake far longer than they have. I'm immersed in reality and thats NOT Reality tv. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. I think people should have to take a test before they vote. Too many are voting on ads and media slants instead of issues. It's scary!

  6. Your absolutely right. Reality TV really isn't reality at all. Well, except for American Idol. lol
    And wake up people? Gimme a break. That drives me nuts!
    Love you Jimmykins!

  7. the government will always suck no matter who is in power


    I love 4 and 5. And I'll add to the CEO's being called to the carpet. How about the incompetent and selfish congressmen aiding in this disaster who need to be fired, thrown out, and tarnished. I blame them way more than Wall Street.

  8. You've covered it all pretty well I think!

  9. I love the reality tv one! They are so NOT reality!!!

  10. You know JP, these are only things and in the grand scheme of things they can only shape or not shape who we are. Frustration with things can only lead to you not feeling good and I value you too much to ever want to see that happen. I know your sarcasm and your passion for things, but sometimes not sweating the small stuff, my grandpa said that, is the way to go. Don't worry and be happy and 100 years from now no one will ever know what we went through, or even care. Luv ya! Have a happy tomorrow always.

  11. Number three is so perfect and so true.

  12. Wak up people...... LMAO yeah I've been sleeping for 40+ years... you covered a good chunk Jimmy... great entry

  13. Welcome back, Stupid.



  14. I think you about have it.
    I hate all the crawling lines at the bottom of tv shows (especially news shows. I can't read the news and watch it at the same time. I get confused.) And on some cable channels they will have some huge thing at the bottom of the screen (or worse yet swooping across the screen) advertising another tv show.

  15. Re #5, I also hate it when people say 'boys will be boys'. Seriously, people will use that to excuse everything from little boys burping, drunken louts breaking stuff right through to infidelity. Being male is not a license to idiocy and what really irks me is that half the time it's women saying it.


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