Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Plug For A Friend...

Hi folks.

You'll often hear me talking about the wonderful young couple who used to be my neighbors. When I was laid up like an invalid a while back, these two young people took care of me like I was their own family. Two of the best people I have ever met.

Niki, the Mrs. of the couple, recently pointed out that her sister is running an online business. So as I am eternally indebted to Niki, I just thought I would add a plug and links to her sister's site and blog.

I like that is on the site, and I think you will too. Geezees Canvas

Here they are:

The business website: click here

The blog: click here


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Thank You so much! You are so awesome! And will forever be the best neigbor and friend. Thank you so much for plugging my sister's site.
    Love ya. :)

  2. Hi Jim, thanks so much for the plug!
    You have a great blog. I appreciate you helping a new business out.

    Any readers from thestupidsheet will get %5 off ANY purchase at my www.geezees.com site!

    bring your imagination...

  3. Took a journey over and left a comment. Interesting canvas art.

  4. How nice lippy! I'll check it out. : )


  5. Neato... This is very cool. I've bookmarked it :o)

  6. my connection sucks this morning.. couldn't get the page to open but I will go back.. promise! I hate those that walk around on their cells too! GRRRRR I don't care to hear personal business while in the check out line.. to say nothing about ignoring the person at the register while they yack away.

  7. what a great idea. I will def keep it mind for a gift!


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