Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shaking It Loose...

Being that I am such a tech geek, I keep up on the latest gadgetry, toys, trinkets.

I don't, however, like cellphones at all. I like the technology, mind you; it's the application I dislike so much. We have grown adults walking around using them like pacifiers...when something gets boring, watch them reach for the binky. Kids don't even seem to be aware that life exists even when it isn't on the other end of a cell call.

But my real problem is that I got one for the obvious reasons. Safety, convenience, security. Turns out, mine is turned off a lot for a lot of other reasons. though.

It never rings when I want it to, always rings when I don't. It's a portable invasion of privacy, as far as I am concerned.

And people who have sense of courtesy, manners or civility feel free to invite us into their personal nonsense on a daily basis. And I say nonsense because, as I have figured out, people with brains and class don't hang their filthy laundry for the world to hear. People without those two things have no problem spewing their personal business anywhere and everywhere.

Anyone who has read me here realizes this is nothing new. My un-love of the mighty cell has been around for a while. It's gone from a peeve to an outright dislike. I figure these things aren't going away, I better do something. Legal I mean.

I guess this is my attempt to shake it out of my system.


  1. I'm one who can't live without my cell However, we don't have a land line, only cells so I need mine with me all time.

  2. I do not give out my cell phone number, and keep it for emergencies. It rarely rings. My contract is up in December, and I have not decided whether to renew. I hate paying the $70 per month for two phones we rarely use.

  3. I'm like Missie. I don't HAVE a land line. My parents always refused to have one. Said it was worse to have a phone you couldn't turn off... Can't say it's worse lol Anyone can call me at any time. Rather annoying.

    But I only give out my number to the people I absolutely need to get in touch with (like when I order something expensive, have an install, etc) and friends and family. Friends never call unless they want me to go out with them, we see each other enough we don't need to call lol And family calls are for the most part short and infrequent.

    Guess I'm lucky I don't NEED to give out my number, I'm not in a business where I have to. Even then I think I'd have a work phone and everyone would know when I'm not at work, I'm not working, and therefor phone is off. Piss off people like crazy but I just don't think I'd care. My dad cares. I'd rather not lol


  4. My cell phone ringer is off most of the time. Most people who know me and really need to get ahold of me call me at home (I'm home most of the day...sad I know! :p).

    As far as cell phone etiquette...I think people are lacking in manners all the way around. The cell phone is just a side effect.

  5. I don't own a cell phone and won't. I am loving the idea of the new Amazon Kindel though. You can download books and newspapers at half price without a computer. $350 and no monthly charges or contacts. Nice!

  6. I went for several years without a land-line. However, when I moved out to po-dunkville, the cell wouldn't work in the house. I ended up getting a landline and going to a cell service where I didn't have to pay a monthly charge. I just keep the cell for emergencies. I like to go out of town a lot.



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