Thursday, October 30, 2008


I talked about coming back to familiar favorites the other day, when I talked about people getting back to eating real food when they go out. I'd just like to clarify if I may?

I wasn't talking about the frequency of dining out, I was talking about the activity when they go out. I'd just gotten tired of dining out and watching people eat yard clippings instead of food. I can't imaging viewing a meal of birds nests as something people enjoyed on purpose, ya know?

Anyway, something else I miss:


I miss "yay!"

When people burst out into cheers nowadays, they yell "wooo!"

Poor "yay!" No one uses that one anymore. And don't get me started on "hooray!"

And I miss clear, pronounced speech. Every time I watch TV or a movie, it seems that, no matter the situation, everyone talks like they're in bed, just waking up. Bedroom voice, that scratchy tone that I often whine about, is ok when they're filming a bedroom scene or something, but I see news interviews, documentaries, etc., and everyone speaks like they're seducing us or something!

And I miss, "I'm good, thanks, how are you?" Nowadays, you ask, "How ya doin?" and you get these silly, over-the-top responses such as, "I'm awesome today!" or "I'm better than I deserve to be!"

Cut it out, will ya? I get it.

Of course, there's the reverse, such as "Don't ask!" That's probably why people don't like to ask, "How ya doin?" as much anymore.

What do you miss?


  1. I miss having enough time in the day to do everything. It seems technology keeps giving me MORE to do rather than actually freeing up time.

  2. I just miss the time when people had common decency. It seems like there are just so many plain old rude people today!

  3. I miss neighbors knowing each other and doing more than head nods.

  4. I miss having time to just relax and read, do yard work, go golfing, etc.

  5. Hip hip hooray . . .Yea!!! LOL Have a happy Friday. Luv ya JP!

  6. I miss manners, you know, people holding a door open and saying thanks when you hold it open for them. I also miss people smiling, so many just walk along scowling or worse ~ talking on their cell phones! Jeannette xx

  7. I can't think of any sayings but I miss the good ole days.....
    I miss playing outside until dark and having your mom call your name from the front door when it was time to come home.

    Have a Happy Halloween!!


  8. Mornin' Jimmy, how ya doin? ;-)
    I can't think of anything specific that I miss at the moment, but there are some that drive me insane, like answering "peachy" when I say how you doin? Another one, "If I were any better I'd be you" - where did those come from? Ugh! I did get a response that made me laugh the other day. I asked someone how his day had been, he said "I've had better days when I fell on sharp objects!"
    Hope you have a great weekend! If anyone asks you on Monday how your weekend was, please don't answer "Too short!"

  9. I miss getting my 2 cents in first *winks*, everyone else hit on the key ingredients here. The main one being manners. Courtesy and commone decentcy seem to have gone out the door with the latest generation. How about a smile when someone waits on you, instead of that look like the world is on hold because of know the one with lip slightly curled, almost a growl.

    Let's not forget the days when it was rude to point. Whatever happened to that manner? Seriously I could keep going...but I do think we're on the same page. Thank you for remembering the simpler more pleasant aspects of life. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. I really miss the old days--hey, I'm old, what do you expect???

    Things have changed so much--it used to be wonderful that kids could walk home from school and you didn't panic if they were 15 minutes late. I have found that I have really become skeptical of people--and that's sad.


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