Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chewing the Fat...

Part of the business I'm in requires me to go to dinner with clients. Business dinners. Yum.

I've noticed a small trend. A trend that, if it takes, will make me happy. I always defer to the client for the choice of restaurants, and the last five choices they made seem to be going against convention.

Three chose steak houses. One chose a sushi joint (gag) and one picked a burger joint. OK it was an "upscale" burger joint (if there can be such a thing), but it was a burger joint nonetheless.

Can it be? After too many years of being served grass, weed-clippings and pet dander, can it possibly be that people are returning to food?

Sushi isn't food, by the way. I used to pay $3 a bucket of that stuff to take it fishing where I caught fish and took them home and cooked them, and now they want me to pay $5 a PIECE to stick it on a hook and shove it in my OWN mouth.

But I got lost there a second. As I wondered, can we possibly be back on the track where dinner in a restaurant is once again something intended to bring pleasure? Can fine dining (burger joints can be fine, too, ya know) actually be a situation where we break from the norms of our daily eating habits and actually enjoy ourselves?

I went on vacation with a friend, and she had to allow an hour per day for her "training". Which really meant about 2 and 1/2 hours as she had to dress for the gym, and then spend an hour afterward primping for the other parts of our vacation. And she wasn't really "training" for anything. She just couldn't imagine 7 whole days of just relaxing and enjoying herself.

It's the same principle, you know? How often do we really engage in "fine dining"? Would one steak per month really hurt you? Would a burger every third week put you in a coma? Come on now!

I don't think there's anything wrong with sitting down in a restaurant and letting one's hair down (or loosening the belt, so to speak)once in a while. And I'm so happy at the prospect that Good Eats might actually come back into vogue.

Think I'll call a client and go for some ribs. See ya.


  1. We try not to eat out more than once a week. We try to eat right at home, but we eat whatever we want when we eat out!

  2. I think part of it has to do with the Recession and money. More and more people are eating at home. When money it tight you don't squander on stks or something like that...(this is just a thought, trust me I'd rather cook stks at home it's much more doable expense wise, but not everyone can cook that perfect stk)...

    So given a choice of eating out, if they're going to be on someone elses tab or heaven forbid pay for it themselves..why not eat something they enjoy....

    Of course like I said, it's the way I look at it. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Sounds yummy to me, and yes there are good burger joints. bring me the real food. nothing else. enjoy your ribs!~kbear

  4. Fine dining has always been on my list of favorites to make a perfect evening - even if it's at home (where the food is much better anyway ;-)

  5. You or anyone can take me out for a burger, a steak, ribs, or something really good. I do like a good meal LOL. BTW, I do like Sushi too!!! I hope that doesn't sound too fishy to you. : ) Have a happy Sunday JP. Luv ya!

  6. I agree!! Can we go out to eat now!!?? Linda

  7. Living in Nebraska we LOVE beef! Our favorite dinner is steak night...and yes we do it ONCE A WEEK!! Scandalous I know! :)

    I am just getting caught up with you (and am going most recent to oldest so you might get some comments on some old stuff from me!).

    Hope all is well! I am missing you friend!

    You need to change my blog address on your side bar... :) I have two now.

    Love ya babe!!

  8. MMMMmm. There's just nothing quite like really good food. Love it. Keep enjoying yourself. You deserve it!

  9. Yikes took three tries for the comment box to appear :( I think it has to do with folks not going out as much so when they do.. well they do :) Enjoy the ribs. LOL

  10. I love dining out. I consider it a treat. I wish I could take clients out like that.....

  11. Give me a good steak any day over sushi!

  12. You know... I should enjoy it every once in a while. I should let my hair down and stop thinking about the calories and trans fat. You're right, it wont hurt... and tomorrow I'll wake up looking exactly the same. Thanks!
    Mmmm... i loooove sushi. Expensive, but love it. lol

  13. Anonymous10:04 AM

    hey now there are some good cooked sushi rolls so watch it lippy!!!!!!!!!!! i agree steaks mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm eatttttt. i feel like if im going to shove it in my mouth make it good, no fast food please lyyyyyyyyyy c

  14. Oh you don't need to convince ME. I love me some fine (even good burger joints) dining. In fact, I'm starting to get a reputation!

    People would be surprised by the wonderful restaurants in my neck of the woods. YUMMO!

    As for Sushi, I can only do California Rolls and teriyaki or tempura stuff. Stu loves that raw crap. YUCK.


  15. I'm glad I didn't have to eat grass clippings lol

    Why is everyone talking about food lately... ??? :o/

  16. I will never try sushi. It looks gross and the thought of eating me makes me want to _______. You fill in the blank with whatever you want.

    I love a good steak! It's been so long.... My mouth is watering thinking about it!!


  17. A return to high heart attack risk...woohoo! :D j/k

    I quite like sushi, which by the way does not have to involve raw fish, though I'm fine with it when it does.


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