Monday, February 16, 2009

A Sidestep...

I was thinking about being a kid. I had a sister and three brothers, and a host of playmates when I was growing up.

Inevitably, there would be arguments. It really was more like "bickering" than arguing; something silly would set off these little spats. And the funny thing, most of them were unwinnable, but that never stopped us. We'd battle it out until the frustration peaked. Sooner or later it would come to something like this:

Oh yeah...oh YEAH? Well..well you're just a STUPIDHEAD!

That got me thinking today.

There are unwinnable arguments and bickering that I still engage in. And I was thinking about how, despite being grownups, we still eventually get to those "Oh YEAH?!!" moments, right?

With grownups, though, it's at least a little more relevant...sometimes. "OH YEAH? Well your family is nothing but idiots anyway..." or "OH YEAH? Well, you're just like your FATHER!" You know what I mean.

So, what's your "OH YEAH? moment? Something irrational that you may have blurted out recently, something you knew was dumb the minute you let it fly? C'mon...'fess up. We're all guilty...


  1. I told my husband he was a raging dickhead. Does that count? LOL

  2. I have had many of these moments I am sure. The latest one had to do with my grandson liking me more than someone else!! I know how silly!

  3. My favorite is Stupid should hurt while looking at the idiot sprouting the stupidity.

    The adult version would be an argument with my ex where I told him he was a dick less wonder...(Oh yeah, he came around later and was worried I really thought that - what's with guys worrying about being so good in that dept.)


  4. I grew up as an only child and never learned how to agrue - for real. For years when people would "force" their opinion I'd just say okay, whatever. I wanted peace at whatever cost. That of course was before and during my time with Mr Big X. Now, I voice my opinion and yes, I KNOW without doubt I've said my share of stupid things. Just don't ask what cus I can't remember - claiming a senior moment. :-)


  5. Arguments just do not work for me any more, guess I had my fill on the first marriage. I have been remarried for more than 7 years, and we have never had an argument - that is how I want to be remembered.

  6. Guilty. This happens to me on the internet. I debate with people, and I just have to be right, or have the last word. (I know. Shocking.)

  7. My Sister and I have always fought...but this latest debacle has damn near killed me. We haven't spoken since Thanksgiving...and all because she wont apologize, and I'll go to my grave before I apologize to her. Seems like I'm always the one apologizing...and she never does. Ugh!

  8. Honestly, I probably do that way too often, but I can't remember a particular example because I try to move past my stupidity and do better the next day!

  9. I recently told my Hubby to shut the bleep up because he didn't know everything!!


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