Saturday, May 02, 2009

Looking At The Map

Hi again. I was wondering if I could ask something.

Folks, my life is a friggin' disaster right now. It's worse than I thought, but that just means I have to be smarter than I thought.

I just realized that, for all intents and purposes, 30 years of my life are gone...gone as if they never happened. Essentially, I have nothing to show for the career I spent my adult life performing. I won't go into the details of why it's all gone. Most of you probably know anyway.

I have my kids. I have my brain.I have to work with my brain to take care of my kids.

What I'd like to do here is share the situation. It's pretty awful. But I want it here to look back on when things are good again. It might take months, it might take years. But it's going to get better. I'm just hoping I can contain the mess long enough that my kids don't have to feel it too badly.

I'm working two businesses. Network marketing is one option I have. I am working for an old friend, Danielle, whom I was partners with 15 years ago. She found me and extended a hand. We work for a company called Arbonne. I do it because she's smart, she has made it work for her and she wants me to do well with her. Remember that name Danielle. She has made a major, major difference in my life simply by thinking enough of me to find me and offer me a chance to join her in business again. My site is here for Arbonne, if you'd like to shop online or maybe learn more about the business opportunity.

I'm also still involved pretty heavily in the financial consulting business as well. That's a tough one because I'm trying to build client relationships in a time when there is little faith in the industry. It still works. It will get better in that part of the world. I want to do what's right for people. It takes a while to find people who are willing to trust me, and it takes a while to earn that trust. If there's one thing I do know, it's service. Hearing what people want, and filling their needs to the best of my abilities. It served me well for 30 years in my previous career. I like winning trust before anything else. And that takes time.

The smartest people I know wrote books that all had one message in common: to do well financially, you must have multiple streams of income.

And so it begins. I hope that you might take a minute now and then to come by and give me a little pat on the back or a kick in the ass, as the case may be. I'm so scared right now I can't tell you. But there isn't time for that. I have to do what's right. So I'm going to try my best.

I'd sure love to have you guys with me, and me with you because I know that there are a lot of folks out there in the same boat. Let's keep it afloat together, ok?


  1. I am always right here beside you, Jimmy.

    And I have more confidence in you than you can imagine. You have survived some incredible things and you will not only survive this difficult time, but come out way more ahead than you ever dreamed. It may not look like what you expected, but it will be better in maybe a different way.
    Time for faith...
    in your beliefs, in yourself, and in all of us who believe in YOU.

    Love ya,

  2. Praying for you Jimmy. I LOVE Arbonne! My best friend sells so, but if she stops I'll buy from you! (She's thinking of stopping so good chance you'll have a new customer!!)

  3. Jimmy, I don't comment often...but read every time you post...and I have faith in you!!!These times are uncertain but there are some people I know I could trust and you are one of them!

  4. I believe in you! You are one of the smartest people I know! Can't wait to catch u nxt week. Ly Cass

  5. I'm praying for you my friend.

    Hugs, Rose

  6. Hope things start turning up for you.

  7. I don't know how much I can help, other than being here and willing to listen, provide a little moral support. You know you've got friends here, and that we all wish you well. Good luck!

  8. Hi Jimmy,
    You're not alone. The downturn has effected just about everyone I know. And all your friends out here in "blogland," myself included, are here for you. Not that I admit it very often, but I'm scared, too. These days you need eyes in the back of your head, businesses are pulling the rug out from under employees at all levels, and the fall-back security blankets that used to exist just aren't there any more. However, I spoke to a top talent recruiter earlier this week and he said all indications are that the job market will start opening up again in three-to-six months. Let's hope he's right!

  9. Jimmy I wish you all the luck in the World ~ I hope that everything will pickup for you and everyone else who are in this situation ~ hope there will be a turn~a~round Sooner rather than later ~ Ally x

  10. Jimmy... Arbonne is wonderful. I've been using it for several weeks (maybe the new thing to get into - which is good) and I love it.. I see a difference already! I'm sending you positive vibes. I know you'll bounce back.. no doubt it has you on pins and needles but we are with you.

  11. Jimmy, I don't comment often also but we are all this boat together. Hang in their and I know things will get better.

  12. I'm behind you all the way cheering you on my friend!

  13. I'm not sure if my last comment went through, so just to make sure, I'm sending you lots of love, doll!


  14. Good luck! I hope things turn around quickly.

  15. Jimmy we're old friends back from the AOL days. I've always been here and most certainly don't plan on jumping ship now. I've always said and if it needs repeating...I'm an email away if you ever need a shoulder or just someone to vent to. Matter of fact just in case you don't have the current email it's here:

    I believe in you. You're far too intelligent to go down without a fight. (Hugs)Indigo

  16. What a time for me to make it back here huh.... Boy... I want to offer a laugh but I know exactly what you mean. My hours got so so severely cut in the last two weeks I was afraid I was going to get fired... Manager calmed me down, and my hrs for next week are decent but still... I understand the position. I understand the fear.

    You know I've always thought you were a remarkable and smart man. I know you will fight and claw your way out of every battle you're up against.

    I have faith in you. Besides you have the best motivation in the world; your kids.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers hun. As always. Even if I haven't made it by in... quite a while. I never stopped thinking about you.


  17. I think of you everyday and hope things are going well

    you are smart and determined and things will work out! promise!

    I wish I lived closer :(

    lyyyyyyyyyyyy lippy

  18. I'm praying for you and I believe in you. I hope things get better soon, if not already. ((HUGS))


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