Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stumble and Crash

Hi folks. I'm not dead. At least not at the moment.

I was gonna title this "Rambling", but I don't ramble. I stumble. And usually crash into something.

But I have been doing things. Some things here and there.

I've managed to stay out of prison. I've managed not to insult too many people. I did make a few people mad because I really have a hard time multi-tasking (when it involves juggling 23,456 different tasks).

I remembered that I like Hostess Cupcakes. The chocolate one. I don't care if you don't know what they are, or if you don't like them, or can't get them because that simply means more cupcakes for me.

I also eat a lot of fast food with this business I'm working on. You can't do too well eating a Quiznos if you're driving, unless you like sharing your food with your pants. White Castle burgers are pretty ok, but they do tend to leak ketchup when you bite 'em, which is something the pants aren't happy with. I went to a Boston Market for chicken. They didn't happen. That's like a pizzeria not having pizza, ya know?

I was kinda disappointed with American Idol this season. I didn't even keep up my Idol blog too well. Now they say the voting was rigged. I didn't care too much.

Ever hang around someone who is non-stop cynical? Everything is a government plot, or corporate corruption, or a know the type. You tend to non-talk around 'em, don't ya? One guy told me he won't use E-Z Pass. Says he doesn't want the government tracking him. I told him, "Dude, you're not that interesting. The government has better things to do than falling asleep tracking your progress."

I found a new way to deal with another kind of people...the ones who somehow find a reason to interrupt everyone else who might be talking because their stories are so much more interesting. I deal with them now by saying, "Shut up, so-and-so was talking you blithering ignoramus."

It works. Go figure.

I love those ever-decreasing minutes I have with my kids. They like me and I like them back. We have fun together.

I'm officially not a crutches user now. I have a very cool cane that my kids bought for my birthday. I'm hottt.

Someone told me I'm crazy not to have surgery. I asked him if he'd be willing to pay for it. End of conversation.

I've driven way too much lately. Not good. I promised not to rant and rave about all the bad drivers anymore. That puts a lot of pressure on me.

There's a good reason not to drink spoiled milk. It tastes yucky. And it makes you feel ungood. If it stinks, don't drink it.

Which reminds me of the best medical advice I've heard in years: A commercial on TV said, "If you're allergic to AstePro, don't use it." That's beyond awesome, right?

I'm on Twitter. It's over there on the right. Foller me! I'll foller ya back.

I'm determined to visit your blogs soon. Really soon. So write up! I'll need cool things to read.

Love you all.


  1. Wowza. So. Much. Information. I think I'm in brain overload. LOL

    And know you can always find coolness on my blog. If your idea of coolness is Autumn talking about her poop and Parker fake coughing to get out of going to school. :)

  2. Sounds like you are really busy. Hope you can take some you time and maintain your sanity :o)

  3. A couple of things:

    The non-stop, cynical conspiracy theorists. I recently read a blog in which the author wrote that he wasn't sure how long he was going to be allowed to write his blog, that he had to be careful about what he said because our free speech was at risk, yadda yadda yadda. I thought to myself, "Do you really think you even come close to a blip on the government radar? Do you really think they care about how you don't like the current administration, let alone care about your surgeries, or your church, or your vegetable garden? Really?" Sheesh.

    Hostess Cupcakes...haven't had them for years, but they used to be a staple of my lunch. But the way I ate them was very important. First, peel off the chocolate frosting with its little white squiggle. Set aside. Then eat the chocolate cake part in a circular manner, saving the cream filling (held together by a slight wall of cake) for next. Then eat the frosting. Some people might eat the chocolate part of the frosting first, saving the white squiggle for last, but that's kinda crazy, don't you think?

    Be well!

  4. Love this post! Glad to see you are still alive and kicking; well, alive at least. ;-)

    And yay for the cane. I'm sure it looks really cool.

  5. You don't say...(winks). I find I hold my tongue less and less these days. Honestly who wants to put up with rude cynical people? I got no complaints hon, none at all....but (there is always that) wish there was some way to get you off the fast food (not because i'm controlling or trying to tell you what to do) because I care. I would love to have you around for a few more years and that stuff will clog arteries and screw over taste buds faster than anything I know.

    I'm over yonder at twitter hon, we're already friended. I can most usually be found commenting under sageraven. I just have to remember I have a Twitter account some days. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. I must deal with a few of those kind of people every day! LOL

    Have a good one!

  7. Good to hear you're off the crutches, canes are so much cooler! I eat cupcakes the same way as Beth described, lol! Your way of dealing with rude people is the best way, they don't understand any othr language! I've never done Twitter but I'm on Facebook. Jeannette xx


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