Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm curious about something, and I'd like your opinion/input please?

The electronic age has done nothing if not accelerated our immediate gratification demands. But something good happened, and I'm not too sure what to do.

I got an email from a good friend the other day. What she took time to write absolutely floored me (in a very good way). She was just so gentle, kind, compassionate and caring that I was very choked up by the whole thing.

It took me quite some time to read. And then it took some more time to digest and appreciate the time it took for her to compose such an incredible outpouring of love for me. I love my friends, one and all.

Now typically, if I get an email requesting info, or asking a simple question, if I have the answer at hand, I shoot right back. But there are occasions such as this, where I want to sit back and reply just as deeply from the heart. I don't want to just say, "thanks!" It takes a while, usually, but people are seemingly so impatient these days, that the window for a reply seems to have shrunk to minutes.

Now this doesn't apply here. She knows me well and knows I'll be writing back. But what do you folks normally do? Do you send a "Stand by for Reply" message, similar in theory to a "SAVE THE DATE" notification?

Love to hear what you think...Thanks!


  1. If this person took the time to compose such an overwhelming outpouring words of love for you in an email, then there is no doubt in my mind, it deserves more than a "Thanks" as a reply back.

    Speak from your heart and be honest is my suggestion. Good luck and let me know the outcome.

    Time is priceless. It took you time to compose this post in your Blog.....apply the same time to your response to this friend's email...........

    Hugs, Rose

  2. So if I understand correctly, you need time to compose a real reply, but don't want to not respond quickly to at least acknowledge the email. This is what I've done in this circumstance. "Thank you for your email, it has moved me so much and I want to reply fully, so please know a true/real reply is coming soon."

  3. I agree with Christy's reply.

  4. Nothing wrong with giving some time to come up with the right response. And the reason for the "delay" will be obvious from the thoughtful reply.

    Personally, when I get a "response coming soon" I kinda think to myself, "Why did you send me this? Just send me the answer/reply when you get to it."

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I'm with Christy and Bucko...but then again, you may have already known that! ; )



  6. I agree with Chrissy. You just want her to know you did receive her email. I know I have problems with emails, some I get & some I don't... Some send & some get returned....& some just get lost! ;(


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