Thursday, May 10, 2012

Step Three

Let's keep this one short and sweet. My feelings about bankruptcy were explained earlier. However...

I started contacting creditors to make amends. I informed them that I was working. I currently make less than  $30,000 base. It's awful. But it's a start. I wanted part of that income to go toward resolving my debts. However, firms like Saldutti, LLC and Pressler & Pressler wanted no part of negotiations. I wasn't looking to reduce the amounts owed, I was just asking for a longer timetable to pay my debts.

They offered no compromise or allowances. They wanted their money. Period. They sued and won. (who could afford a lawyer?) These particular bloodsuckers were ruthless in their pursuits of my money, with Saldutti being the more awful of the two. They sent a Sheriff to my home to try and access my and my family's personal belongings. I wasn't home at the moment the Sheriff showed, and my kids were frightened out of their skin. My oldest asked them to come back when I returned home, which turned out to be a good move. We were allowed, legally, to refuse them entry. I find it hard to believe that any respectable company would want to take my kids' things in order to to satisfy a debt. My daughter's dolls? My son's tv? This is what the evil Saldutti wanted to take.

I now know why people hate lawyers.

But I figure the only way to beat these so-called "attorneys at law" is hire a real attorney at law and avail myself of the protection of the bankruptcy laws. Instead of getting the money from me the best way I could pay, they'll get nothing. My son's TV? Really?

I hope there is an especially warm place in Hell for the likes of Mr Saldutti and his band of leeches. And I hope there's another couple of hotseats for Mssrs. Pressler and Pressler.

More later


  1. Unbelievable to think that under the circumstances they wouldn't negotiate. Then, again, they probably aren't "incentivized" to settle. I'll bet the longer it's dragged out, the more money they make.

  2. I agree with Marty's assessment.

  3. Oh Lippy. This sucks!! Yes, I think there is a special place in hell for people like this.


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