Thursday, April 16, 2015

Long Time!

It's been so long since I've written here! Does anyone even read blogs anymore?

If you happen to read this, and you're still keeping a blog, please leave a link in the comments section, ok?


  1. I do much more on Facebook, but still post demotivators on my blog.

    Would love to connect with you on Facebook.

  2. Oh my gosh, you're alive!!!!!!

    I still blog, but not nearly as intensely.

    You know where to find me. ;-0 And so good to see you pop up again in the blog world.

  3. I'm awfully rural, but I'm still at it:

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  5. I'm sad that facebook has pretty much killed blogs. Blogs were better ... I am blogging, but not for personal reasons these days. Click thru to my profile to see it.

  6. My heart stopped when I saw your name...Around my birthday April 22, I was thinking about you and my last post to you on A O L to please visit me in Texas where you will experience authentic Mexican food! Thoughts of you led me into reverie of all the fine writers on A O L.
    In 2004 someone stole my PC and I lost all my blogs,
    Devastated, I never wrote again. I have just opened this new P C to find a not from you. How thrilled I am to be on your list, The invitation to Texas still stands.

  7. I stopped blogging for a long time, but I just started a blog up again..You might remember me, m blog was "My Big Fat Greek Life" my new blog is by and say hello!!


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