Friday, May 23, 2008

Life Goes On...

One thing I love about life is that some things really don't ever change. We can make some modifications, but the foundations remain.

Take my idiocy, for example. Had a very late night working last night, but happily had some time to spare this morning, which of course equals SLEEP.

I was tired. I woke up the first time this morning and checked my watch...7:35 AM. Nice. Sleep on, Lippo.

So Zzzzzzzzzzzz, wake up again, 7:35 AM. Nice. Sleep on, Lippins.

It did. It took the third time to realize that we only get one 7:35 AM per day. Yah, the watch battery died sometime overnight. Gotta love it. But ya gotta love my cognitive powers a whole lot more.

I want to relax this weekend and do some Blog Hopping. I'm sure there are lots of great things to read out there, right?

On a different note, I spend time thinking about advertising campaigns,
slogans etc. I was thinking of some life insurance pitches and came
up with this one:

Buy life insurance from me today or you might need it tomorrow,
got me?


I don't know...too subtle?

Have a good weekend


  1. Have a great weekend lippy!

  2. I think that slogan is WAY too subtle...why not just get to the point? ;)

    HAHA! :D

  3. I love the clock situation. Its something I would have done for sure. Glad you got some extra shut-eye! ;)

  4. So what time was it when you finally got out of bed? Did you get the extra sleep you needed? I'm all about sleeping in and taking advantage of it when I can. :)

    Jimmy thanks for the recent comments on my blog. :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  5. It was good to hear from you Lippy! It's raining here in sunny CA so our weekend was movie filled.

    Catchy slogan!

  6. i did a little research after you told me about your "thing", and if you want a way to make more money using your your blog you can enter this site: link. bye.

  7. So how late were you?? ;)

    Love ya babe!!


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