Thursday, May 15, 2008

Perfectly Normal

So I was lying here a little while ago, snoozing. I'm good at that. The brain becomes aware that something is amiss. Picture frame falling off wall onto noggin confirms that.

Windows rattling, things that don't typically move are doing so.

Nope, nothing as fun as an earthquake. I never get that. This is roadwork going on about 300 yards from Chez Lippy. Scheduled for all night. Yayyy.

Got a little boo-boo I gotta take care of. Police told me this is to be expected. Cool.


  1. You gotta love construction noise at home. Apparently no actual work hours apply in the city of Chicago -- weekends, 5am, etc... Which is actually kind of surprising with all of the unions.

    "Chez Lippy" You're so funny, Jimmy.

    Take care of that boo-boo!

  2. sheesh! All night? I'm so sorry. I get so cranky when I don't get sleep. Hope you've got earplugs.

  3. And a good helmet.

  4. Oh no! Well, I guess those guys get as much sleep as you do, heh?

  5. ALLISON2:26 PM

    May I come and help you with your boo boo! I know how to make it feel much better. LOL BTW . . . why did you give me away . . . I thought you liked me as a pet. : (

  6. Hope you are all mended and the construction is complete!!

    Love ya babe!


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