Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Co-Op: Redundancy

Here's a quick example of a conversation with Family Guy:

He broke his computer, for lack of a better word. He had more garbage on that hard drive than I'd seen in a major landfill. It was beyond "fixing" so he asked me to try and restore it. It was so bad that I basically had no choice other than to reformat the hard drive. I reinstalled Vista, got it running, but didn't have time to re-install Microsoft Office or his Verizon Suite. He came in the next day, and I gave him the report.

ME:"OK man, I got the system up and running, Vista is installed and everything is ok. I didn't have time to re-install Office or Verizon, but you can handle that."

FAMILY:"You didn't install Office?"

ME: "No, you can put that back in. Or leave it here and I put it in tonight and you can have it tomorrow."

FAMILY:"You didn't put the Verizon Suite in?"

ME:"Nah, didn't get that in either"

FAMILY:"So those programs aren't installed?"

ME:"Still no."

FAMILY:"So when I go home, I have to put them in?"

ME:"You like asking the same question a lot of times, huh?"

Makes every day interesting.


  1. You deserve a raise. Good grief.

  2. So, did you install MS Office?

  3. let me get this straight. Did you or did you not install MS Office and Verizon Suite?



  4. Good grief! I agree with Beth, you deserve a raise.

    Hugs, Rose

  5. They should give a test before you buy a computer or conceive.....

  6. I just came from my computer place and they are so fired it's not even funny. They didn't change the files over they were suppose to. Quite frankly I'm still wondering what I paid them for. I came home and discovered I could do it all myself and better. It would of been nice if they had at least told me they didn't have any of it installed.

    I'm just a little perturbed they said some game hardware I had wouldn't work on my current computer. Ok, went and brought a brand new the hardware still won't work because the game stuff is too old for the computer they said it would work on....Ugh...

    No I wouldn't be a nice customer right now...
    Besides computer tech...what's been up dear friend? Haven't had a chance to catch up to you on Facebook yet. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. If he's anything like my parents he was probably just panicking because they think that everything they do has the potential to destroy the computer, haha.

  8. Was there a "Thank you" in that conversation anywhere??



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