Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just some thoughts that passed through my head the last few days.

Should safe packaging be so safe that you injure yourself opening it? What do they make those seals out of, anyway?

I know that money is tight these days. In fact, they tell us here in NJ that there are so many things that there are "no money for", I wonder what they do spend it on besides graft. But isn't it a reasonable thing to expect that the roads in a US State at least be passable? These roads EAT cars now. Not just tires, axles, hubcaps, I mean entire cars. Friends of mine have disappeared forever on the Garden State Parkway and Jersey Turnpike. At least some gravel or something, ya know?

And I've come to understand that expiration dates are important on packaging. I get it. So if they are so important, could these people please MAKE THEM READABLE! And what about the occasional package that has no date whatsoever? Can we assume that the stuff in there is good forever?

Note to FOX-5 NY: I can no longer watch your news at 10. You guys have so many computer graphics spinning, circling and flashing on the screen that I seize up after mere seconds. Could we make the news about the news again someday and stop dressing it up like a Sesame Street skit?

And how sad is it that the news promos now feature stories that we used to only be able to read in such gems as The Star or The National Enquirer. I fully expect Maury Povich to move back into the Anchor desk any day now.

I still don't get these TV ads that feature people so close to the camera that we can see their nose-hairs. Sorry.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle! I especially got a kick out of the packaging one. Usually when I try opening one of those plastic packages, Ken says, "Don't hurt yourself" as I struggle with the dumb thing. It's a legitimate concern, because those plastic bits can get sharp and pointy!

  2. Ugh, packaging. A recent favorite was trying to open a package for a utility knife . . . for which I needed a utility knife! Dumb, dumb.

    And watch out for the car-eating roads. Hopefully they don't go carnivorous on you.

  3. Don't even get me started on packaging, especially for toys! Ye Gods. It's like trying to cut through cement.

    Thanks for the chuckle.


  4. Jimmy I think all packages have dates but at our age we either can't "see" them or we get too exhausted looking for them.


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