Sunday, June 07, 2009

Who's Who?

Hi guys, still me!

I'm really curious about something. When a "help" section of a website is designed, it's like anything else: "let's start at the very beginning...".

When these web companies design their help sections, they offer something called "FAQ's". What they forget to include is "NAQ's" (Never Answered Questions) where most of us would probably find the actual answers we're looking for.

I mean, if I were going to run a Cooking website, I'd have listings for such things as "How to bread cutlets" or "how to roast a chicken"; I'd be doing most people a favor by not including instructions for "how to change a motorcycle tire", ya know?

I was on a site called Linked-In today, and found my inbox stuffed with the usual SPAM messages, only there's no obvious way to report SPAM or violators and the like. So off I went to the HELP Section. I typed in SPAM REPORTING and SPAM VIOLATIONS and the closest thing I found to an answer to that was:

  • No. Only your group manager can contact all members at the same time. The Discussions feature was designed to specifically address and prevent spam from an unknown group member. Discussions in groups allows members to communicate with the group or privately with an individual group member without sharing email addresses of the individual members.

Maybe, again, it's a matter of expectations. Maybe these guys set out to design the HELP SECTION to specifically NOT be of any help. I mean, after all, In 15 years of computing experience, I have never, EVER gotten actual useful information from Microsoft's Help site.

And of course, those Web "Forums" where any idiot with a keyboard can deem himself an "expert" and clog up the space with completely useless, inaccurate information.

Or the morons who respond to a posted question with such gems as "I have no idea"

Then why offer a response, Imbecile?"

Anyway, I was just curious why HELP sections offer everything but help?


  1. "I have no idea." (You knew there were going to be some smartass comments, right? :)

  2. Never asked that question before :o)


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