Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take A Look Around

Trouble comes at us in a lot of ways. Sometimes it's a mean, old sledgehammer - WHAM! Sometimes it's like an avalanche - look out! Other times, though, it's sneaky, like stepping into quicksand. You don't even know how much you're in until you're really in deep.

It's really easy to go into "woe is me!" mode, and I can't ever say I blame people who hit that level 'cause it's good and scary out there sometimes. But man, there comes a moment where, baby you either sink or swim.

Right now, I'm up to here with being in this quicksand. Enough already with being angry. I was angry with God, angry with the Government, Big Business, just about everyone and everything with a pulse.

Enough. Time to grab the vine, pull myself out, flip the bird to everyone who did their best to screw me, and move on!

Recap: Things really sucked lately. I was mad, but that gets you nowhere. It took a good look at my little girl, playing quietly and happily in the family room tonight, to slap me in the face and remind me just what it is I'm supposed to be doing here on earth. The crying towel is being put away now, folks. It's time to be a big boy. The world is only a bad place if you stop seeing all the good things. I'm as beat-down as I have ever been but I ain't dead. Time for the comeback. So here it goes.

And God and me? We're ok too. He knows me well enough to let me slide when I get out of line.

I'll be back.

Thank you so very much to all those who checked in to see if I hurt myself in my absence :) So nice to be missed.


  1. I'm very sorry your life has been so hard lately! I don't know what you've been going through, but I do know this without any doubt: God is real. He knows you by name, and loves you more than you can imagine. He allows all of us to experience difficult times in our lives so that we can learn humility and have compassion toward others when they are suffering.

    You will be blessed for your kindness, but blessings sometimes come later, and not when we expect them. Hang in there! :)

  2. I'm throwing you a vine....
    I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad you're back at it. Missed you!

    Isn't it great to have little ones around to put things back into perspective.

    Hang in there and keep your chin up.....above the quicksand.


  3. Glad you're climbing your way back up. Sometimes life throws us some serious curveballs. Hang in there.

  4. If you ever want to talk, you know where to find me.
    It stinks that you've been having such a rough time. Good to hear you're pulling yourself up by your BOOT straps! ; )


  5. I've been sitting here trying to figure out the right words and for some reason the right ones just aren't coming. The only thing that I can't get out of my head is a Hellen Keller quote, "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."

    For me, the most beautiful rays of sunshine are those single rays that somehow manage to squeeze through the clouds. That's what the story of your daughter playing in the front room reminded me of.

  6. Oh, lippy, I'm so sorry for whatever you're going through. Life can be tough--sometimes really tough. But remember, you are never alone. God is aware of you and is always there. Sometimes it may seem he isn't listening but He is.

  7. I'm so sorry.
    Sometimes life just hurts.
    Which doesn't make it any easier, I know.
    I hope things get better for you. At least you seem to be in a better place now emotionally.

  8. gazker9:49 PM

    Brilliant words Jimmy, I am taking a leaf from your book if ya don't mind mate?

  9. Glad to see you back!


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