Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bloggity Blog Blog

I just wonder about something, and want to see what you think?

I don't spend nearly as much time on Blogs as I had in the last couple of years. Time has gotten ridiculously tight lately, but Blogging/Journaling was a pastime that I enjoyed so very much.

So I consider a lot of Bloggers/Journalers my friends, even though I haven't met a lot of them. Real friends. "Real" friends. Do you?

I miss the people I would connect to daily. I don't get there every day anymore. But do you think they know I miss them and think of them? Do you miss your Blog friends if you don't see them daily?

Is that weird?

Do you think it's ok to write and not read?

Do you think I think too much?


  1. great points... and yes I miss folks if I don't see or hear from them.. I consider them friends even tho I've not met them in person. The support and concern shows thru and that is enough for me......
    and yes you think too much.. LOL
    love ya

  2. I visit several bloggers who don't read my blog. I don't mind. I figure either they're busy, like you; have different interests than the things I write about; or have so many readers they couldn't possibly visit all their commenters.

    No biggie.

  3. I love my blog friends!! Yes, I get scoffed at by family and 'real-life' friends for my blog addiction and imaginary friends I've met on here. Yeah, they just don't get it. I totally need my daily fix, and if people don't post or stop by for a while, I start to worry....

    I'm telling ya'--if some of my internet friends lived nearby, I would totally hang out with them; well, that is if they had time and wanted to hang out with me.

  4. Oh yea...I totally get what you're saying. I love my (j-land)/blogger friends. Most have been in my life over 5 years now. That's a lot of history, whether it's through the computer screen or not.

    I love you guys!

    And no, I don't mind at all if folks don't comment in my journal. The heart of journaling (for me anyway), is writing for myself. The readers are just a huge bonus. :)

    Speaking of, I don't even think you follow me...but I still love ya. ;)


  5. I do miss them if . . . call it addition or call it devotion. I've had some eyeball rolled at me when I talk about bloggin' to non bloggers. They don't "get it".


  6. I think this is just the modern day version of pen pals. Our grandparents would have understood making friends with someone just by writing.

  7. I have stuck with my own blog rules. I have a list of my real friend blogs and I read every post. If they blog everyday I combine comments to let them know I'm reading. If someone visits I always return the effort. Everyone knows I have only one good finger. ;)
    Bloggers have been better than friends I've had for years. You are my friend!

  8. Complicated question. First, yes, I consider Bloggers friends, and we are hoping to meet some one day. As for the commenting, not necessary for every entry, but I think an occassional entry is a courtesy if you enjoy reading them and you want them to keep visiting you :o)

  9. It is very difficult these days to read and comment on all the blogs of every blogger friend. Yes, we are all friends and it seems that we "know" each other even though we've never met. We all have lives (yay!)wait...that's not me speaking...*I have no life*
    Now stop thinking!

  10. Some of my best friends are bloggers who I've never met yet, but I trust with my life.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  11. I think this is an excellent thing to think about, and blog about. And for me, it depends on the person in the blogosphere. But to be perfectly honest, nope...I don't consider most bloggers my "real friends". Even some of the folks I've met I don't see as real friends. To me, it's not about who I meet, it's about how they are with me...do they visit my blog regularly and comment? Do they seem to truly care about me? Do they reach out to me? Are they there in my time of need...or even my time "of want". Those are my real friends.
    And in answer to your other question, I have a hard time with those who have time to write but not to read and comment.
    I still like these folks, but "real friends"? Nah...not so much.


  12. I guess I think too much too - I could write a book just on this topic alone! My blog/journal friends are my real friends without a doubt.
    The ones I've met have been just as they are in their blogs - it's just reinforced my beliefs that we don't have to meet each other to form a true friendship.
    Just like in "real life" those who keep up all the time, I think we feel closer too - but also just like in real life, there are those who are always friends no matter what, and always those who we thought were that fall off the face of the earth. It's a weird thing.
    Either way, you are are one of my forever friends, I hope you know that!

  13. I want to clarify...
    I LOVE my blogger friends...but they're just that....blogger friends. Loved, but from afar.
    My definition of friendship is just different.

  14. Hi Jimmy,
    Good question. I think people are people and the personalities come through whether it's in person or in a blog. So, just like in real life, you tend to bond more with some than others online. As for me, if someone leaves comments for me, I try to do the same for them ... sort of like the online version of being neighborly ... but I don't always expect the same in return.

  15. I always have and always WILL adore you. I know I could pick you out of a crowd. I know you are only a "click" away. Lovingly, Anne

  16. Like in life outside the net, I do miss certain people if I don't in someway connect with them on at leas a semi regular basis. You grow to care about the people you meet online as if you knew them close by. I don't find what you say weird at all. JP, you do think a lot, and that is just what you do, and we love you for it. Have a happy tomorrow. Luv ya!

  17. I don't think it's wierd to think of online people as real friends. I think of many onliners as real friends. A few, very few, I have allowed to carry over into 'real' friends, such as phone calls and snail mail.

    I miss reading via AOL. It just seemed simpler in a complex world. I don't blog as much as I did, but dang, this has been a very full, complicated year.

    Hope you're doing well.... and I miss you!

  18. I feel terrible because I to have been guilty not reading and cstching up on blogs.

    I love the community, the people. I have to admit I like the Blogger layout for journals and feel very comforatble we are here to stay, no closing down :).

    I need to get back into a routine...just been so darn busy...that time of of the year!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  19. Since AOL journals shut I've missed my friends! I've only met one, dear Sam from Docklines ~ one of the best! ~ but I know you're all real! And yup! You think too much! Jeannette xx


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