Monday, November 17, 2008

A Little Hint...

If I may be so rotten as to say this, I just think it's helpful. And since we're all so into being "honest" these days, I don't even have to be sorry for saying it I guess.

Ok the point is, if you're one of those people for whom life is one never-ending series of personal crises, for whom life is one giant "bail-out" after another, who always "needs" someone, or "tests" the friendships of others, here's a flash:

You will become boring and monotonous, and will drive away the very people you're looking to manipulate with your drama.

Like they say, I'm just sayin'...


  1. Hmmmm .... I know someone like that. Thanks for saying it like it is! I think many of us have wanted to post this in our blog!


  2. Putting a thought "out there" like this one, is like sticking one's finger in a bee's nest and swirling it around. Bee's really don't like it when a finger is pointed directly at them, their very nature dictates a sting back of the poor me, I'm being attacked once again, retaliation category.

    Now, since the lyrical drama of a buzzing hive appears as addictive as honey, a truth such as you've presented is likely to cause temporary pause, but the stingers will quickly follow......... I've heard baking soda helps on the sting and as long as your not allergic, keep swirling. Truth always trumps annoying buzzing in my humble little opinion.

  3. hmmmm...I think we learn by example...
    Our Priest's sermon yesterday was about people who "bail out" and always depend on others or blame others for their personal crisis instead of owning up and taking what God hands them and using it as means of personal growth and character.
    BTW Jimmy, I think it's your fault I've been married 3 times because you're the only perfect man and I've never met you so I had to settle for all those other men and then bail out..... ;)

  4. You hit the nail on the head, Jimmy. The last thing we need is someone who will make our situation worse with sympathy. I presume you know where that is in the dictionary. Give me empathy anytime. Teach me to lean on you every time and I will lean for the rest of my life. Teach me how to stand on my own two feet and I will stand forever. I'm standing.

  5. You spoke my thoughts exactly....Why do some people not allow theirselves to enjoy life and waste time complaining about everything, when they could be enjoying life. Glad I'm not one of them.

  6. That can go both ways! The ones who are in a constant flux of happy, happy, joy, joy...scare me. Life is not based on perfection. You need a measure of sorrow to appreciate the joy (or however that is said). You know how they say an equal measure of it all makes life...You get least I hope you do...(Hugs)Indigo

  7. No room for drama at this end.

  8. Some people do seem to have a knack for drama. I think that many people crave attention and as long as they have someone that will be there to "help" them along they will continue to be that way, and when someone get tired and bored and leaves, the drama people will scout out more would be suitors to enable their addiction. And I totally agree with the life insurance thing. Have a happy tomorrow JP. Luv ya!

  9. lmfao

    I... can't... breathe... love... this... so... much...

    Coughing now, it hurts lol

    Omg ::sigh:: that was brilliant. Have I mentioned you're brilliant lately? :oD

  10. bravo my friend

  11. whew ... yeah lippy yeah! : )

  12. Amen! So you've met my "adult" daughter's?

  13. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Hi Jimmy!!!!!!!!!


  14. hi, haven't heard from you in a long time. just spent a long time trying to catch up on your writings. i miss getting alerts when some one posts.hope you are doing ok,now that you have other living arrangemets. life going on here---getting ready to go south next week. take care, barb

  15. I had to reevaluate some of my friendships for these very reasons!! I don't need excess drama! :)


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