Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Logging In

While there are definitely time constraints on my life, due to starting my own business and doing what it needs to get it moving, there's something else that holds me back.

I wrote a little entry recently, commenting about how you can become monotonous and boring if you're one of those people who seem to live a life that's nothing more than a series of dramas, crises and episodes. And I think I was pointing that at myself more than anyone.

I don't write a lot about what's going on here. I tend to go "journalist" or "columnist" when I hit these phases. I love to write. I just don't like to write about the "waaah, my life sucks" thing, day after day after day.

Truth is, life does suck a whole lot here lately. I do recognize the good that I kids, my family, my partial health (heh heh). And I know that money doesn't buy happiness.

But neither does poverty, ya know?

I have responsibilities that I absolutely have to live up to. I just had to find a different way to do it. And I'm working on that.

But for the time being, it's a soul-sucking, pride-swallowing process I'm going through. It's not fun, not interesting, and not enjoyable. But maybe it will make a good back-story some day.

Just not now, ya know?

I hope to bring my own brand of nonsense to my new business, so that I can share the idiocy with you here. Hope that it's sooner than later.


  1. Things will get better, Lippy.

    Happy Holidays, sweetie.


  2. Ok,let's get this straight (said in a serious tone), Stop that! Stop thinking you can't share the latest drama in your life because of any of the excuses you've given. Jimmy, I've known you for a few years now (Yes, it's been that long). If something is on your plate, please share it. It may not seem like it, but it does help lift some of the mental weight you have.

    I for one don't expect the happy, happy, joy, joy approach to life. Your human and part of being human is life isn't perfect. It's got an equal measure of sorrow with the joy. I wish you would realize if your day is shitty, we can handle it. Dish it out and I'll come back for another serving.

    Friends are those people that are still there even when it's not convenient. So having said that, love you big guy...just thought you should know how I feel.

    Here's to hoping you have a wonderous, peaceful, loving Thanksgiving dear friend! (Hugs)Indigo

  3. See, I like it when folks are real, just as you are being. If you are strugglin,' share it. If you feel like machine' us laugh, make us laugh! I been reading a lot of blogs since I came over from aol (you know me, I just don't wanna print the screen name I wrote under . . . if you are curious, email me) But I seem to come across some places that are all peaches and sunshine ALL THE TIME ... and I have to question ... are they being for real? I'd be happy if they are that happy ... but I would rather folks blog from their heart than to blog to "get comments." Know what I mean? God bless ya, Jimmy? Ya know ... you are only one of two "dude blogs" I read ... so, no pressure *wink* haha

  4. I mean to say "makin'" laugh ... not machine. ??? lol

  5. I like when people share their tough times; makes them seem more human, and makes me feel like I'm not the only one. It's ok to use the blog for a little outlet and whining; that's what we're here for. ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving Lippy!

  6. Hey... happy happy joy joy all the time is boring too... and most likely fake. Clear your head and share that's what friends are for. Things will get better... I know it. Happy Thanksgiving my friend

  7. Oh no! I'm one who always has some kind of drama going on! LOL

    Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  8. Jimmy,
    I understand. I've been trying to get my mojo back, too. I'm in your corner! You can get out of this slump!

    Happy T-Day, buddy!

  9. Babe, please dont censor yourself. We all have bad times, and we want to share the good and bad with you...even if the bad is going on for a long time. Indigo said it better than I am I think.
    I love you dear Jimmy...

  10. I hope you will have a happy Thanksgiving without drama and unpleasant things happening. I am proud to call you my friend no matter if you are going through good times or bad. Luv ya!

  11. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Allison told me to stop by and wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving! By the looks of it you can use a day off to relax and enjoy family.

  12. I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone Jimmy. I have major sucky days that force me to fade away, gain perspective and then share it. You never know who might read your pain and not feel alone. We're all in this together, so I'm sending positive vibes your way.

    Always remember it is boot season. ;)

  13. I was just talking in the car with my sister today about how I don't like people who only share the good and there's never any way to relate to them on a deeper level? Real friendships are cemented in the hard times. But, admittedly, it does get draining to be around someone who can NEVER find something to smile about. I don't think you fit into that category.

    I'm sorry things are tough right now. Is there anything your virtual friends can do to help?

  14. Good luck with your business Jimmy. Remember, we're all here to help when life gets you down! Jeannette xx


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