Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Night Views

It's was a long week, but some good stuff did happen. I think.

I had a really nice experience this week at the Staples store in Brick, NJ. I needed a couple of customized ink stamps and went to the Print Center in the store. It was about $50 worth of merchandise, but the whole thing was handled with such care I couldn't help but be pleased.

It was kinda funny at the end when I hit the register. I'd picked up a few other items that came with warranties and when the lady there rang my order up she went to attach the receipts to the warranty cards. She was out of staples. Just thought I'd throw that in. I really do like that store though.

I sat in the living room doing some work. I had the TV on and I noticed something. Sunday night must be "Amazing" night. I heard people say it no less than 50 times. There's a lot of "Amazing" things out there.

To me, it's the same as people who use "like" too much, you know the ones, "And he was like, 'hello', and I was like 'what?'." That's how much "amazing" is overused, in my book. Amazing.

When you meet people who stand by their word, it's incredible.

I wonder how it feels to go through life moving from one drama moment to the next. It's so strange to me how much effort some people put into finding things to be annoyed about. You miss out on so much in life. And I think it makes you lonely because people get tired of it. It makes them mad when you don't let them affect you any more, too.

When the world stops being "all about you", it becomes so much more interesting, don't ya think?

I got a nice long ride in a Toyota Prius. That's a hybrid. I was very impressed. Roomy too.

Not sure why they call them "sleepovers". No one sleeps. My son passed out this afternoon after his buddies went home.

The Sunday evening Mass by me features a group of teenagers providing the music. There's nothing more uplifting than seeing kids singing their hearts out.

Ok, that's enough from me. Enjoy the week, ok?


  1. Some deep thought Lippy. Some of these should go on Hallmark cards. ;-)

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Wow ... Staples running out of Staples. That's sort of like Taco Bell running out of Tacos!

    Sorry, couldn't resist just one more! lol

    One of my favorite times at church was when my 8 year old grand-niece and her step-sister sang in front of the whole church! They were shaking in their boots but they did it...bless their hearts.
    love ya,

  4. Weird how you hit on some currently relevant stuff.
    1. Staples. I had to call them yesterday about an order. Also, said yesterday, about how something is like McDonalds not having fries.
    2. Stu's thinking of getting a Prius right now.
    3. People who don't stand by their of my biggest sore spots imaginable. Currently dealing with that at's killin' me.
    4. Narcissistic folks...they just suck. Also can be found at work. Same idiots who don't stand by their words.
    5. Singing kids. The light for me in a sometimes very dark world Makes me smile every time.


  5. I never realized how overused "amazing" was until you brought it to my attention. Now it sickens me any time I hear it which makes me think of you....not the sicken part. LOL

  6. The Staples Lady ran out of staples. Hahaha!

    Drama! That's the second mention I've seen of it on the blogs I read, and that's what I was planning on writing about today!

  7. I just love your random thoughts. :)

    You have a good week too. Okay?

    Big hugs.


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