Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Cell Purge

I must let go of the Cell Disease I have. It has to go because the cell phones aren't going away, and if I keep griping, I will go away in that 6x6 hole. Gotta deal with it.

People will continue to serenade us with unwelcome and unwanted conversations, in restaurants, malls, etc. I have learned that you cannot shop in Walmart unless you have a cell stapled to your head so that you can babble away. There is a segment of the population for whom driving without yappin' on a cell would be like the rest of us trying to walk without legs. I gotta accept that.

I will move on with one closing thought: Cellphoniacs will stay in control unless I perfect that device that makes them explode on demand. Heh heh. Ya never know.


  1. ROFL! I rarely even remember to take my cell phone with me. It's been dead for probably two weeks and is finally charging right this moment. I think it's a rare moment where having the cell is an absolute must and know plenty of people who care barely function if theirs isn't on. Personally I'm finding cells rather annoying. For me the best use is for my husband to be able to call me, and he's in Iraq. Otherwise leave a message on my house phone!

  2. I believe Stephen King wrote a book similar to your doomsday plan. ;)

    Never fear...there are still those of us who aren't addicted to the cell. I have one, but it's only for if I need one in an emergency. I don't like talking on the regular phone here at home, let alone walking around talking on a cell!

    My cousin works at the post office, and said that people often come up to the window talking on their phone the whole time. If he's in a "mood," he'll just stand there and wait for them to stop talking. LOL He said once he heard this conversation: "You have cancer? Bummer."



  3. I am not willing to concede extreme rudeness, whether in the form of cell phones, driving, or any other forum. Maybe just design a device that causes a high pitched whine, causing slight bleeding, but not exploding :o)

  4. The only reason I have one is to text if I need something or in case of an emergency. Otherwise I have no use for it. Being Deaf I'm already ahead of the game, in some cases silence is golden (winks)..(Hugs)Indigo

  5. That exploding device you're making would have come in very handy to me today. I was in the drive thru at B of A, and in the car in front of me was a girl chatting away on her cell phone. (Now, this wasn't a teller was the ATM! Her card was waiting while she was on her bloody phone. AND, I was waiting too!)

  6. It's illegal to drive with one here, les you're hands free... which you rarely see... and it doesn't stop anyone.. explosion may be the only way. Let me know when you finish it.


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