Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Short Stay...

OK so we worked on living the dream...Life As A Bad Driver.

Ungood, to say the least. Shortly after we snapped the picture from the previous entry, we began to rethink our position.

About nine seconds after that shot, sure enough, someone shot up behind us, tailgated, and then shot around us. We got a look that could have melted our top row of teeth. We beat a retreat out of the left lane into the presumed safety of the far right lane. Funny, though...we maintained our speed at precisely the speed limit (with the assistance of Cruise Control) but shortly after our retreat, we had someone riding the bumper in the right lane too. We disengaged the cruise control and slowed to about 40 mph before Gater decided to pass us. This was accompanied by a look that pretty much took care of the bottom row of teeth.

We activated our turn signal about 2 miles prior to our exit, just to see what that felt like. And went on to safer waters. Off the highway.

At the first traffic light, we waited 10 or so seconds after the light turned green to come out of our coma. Sounded like the horn section from the Boston Pops. First chance these folks got, they shot us some more teeth melters.

Tailgating occurs on one-lane roads too, when one drives 10 mph below the speed limit. Even for only a minute.

We resisted the urge to try on the cellphone-iac hat while driving though. That's illegal. None of that here, ok?

Next up, we signaled a right turn about 12 hours before the actual turn, and then made the turn at about the speed one would dock the Queen Mary. Horns can be loud. And certain curse-words are very easy to figure out when lip-reading.

Our last little taste of fun was going into a trance just after entering a large parking lot. We sat and treated our choice of spot like most people would consider a career decision. People will tailgate in a parking lot and check to see if there are any teeth left to melt. Then they'll look to your soul.

That was enough for me.

I don't know why people would drive that way on purpose. I couldn't stand the road rage. I'll be cutting this little Walk short.

Over and out.

Next up, CellFun!


  1. OMG! I just left a comment on the other post... and wondered about the followers... thanks for clearing that up and letting us know you are safe. I can't imagine driving like that and think you are a brave soul to try... silly but brave.

  2. You are VERY brave. In this day and age, people are just as likely to pull a gun on you and blow you away as give you a dirty look.

    I'm impressed. :)

  3. lol, lippy. You are one brave soul. I can only imagine the rude looks and reactions you received with this experiment. There's got to be balance between idiocy and rudeness. Sure, sometimes we need to be courteous and kind to other drivers, but at the same time, some drivers just suck and they need to be reminded to step it up.....so to speak.

    I bet you (and whoever else was with you) had a fun time doing this. I would be laughing my arse off!

    Can't wait for the cell phone 'project'!

  4. I agree you were brave! Where I hate driving with a passion is into Costco (or Sam's). I swear there must me a sign that requires people to leave their brains before entering! Shuttering at thought of going during the holidays.


  5. I can't wait to hear the cell phone fun!! Linda

  6. Some experiments are best left to others :o)

    Glad you did not get shot, good thing you are not in California :o)

  7. You're a brave man! Even up here in the sticks we have our fair share of "bad" drivers.
    I'm happy to say that I'm not one of those that you've described, BUT, when the road conditions warrent it, I'll slow down 5mph. What gets to me the most is the tail-gater that has an extra set of headlights AND fog lights(all on bright). And then they're off to pass! What I enjoy seeing is said tail-gater, a mile later, having slid off the snowy road-in the ditch!
    Karma anyone?

    :) Leigh

  8. I remember one evening on the way home from work, I slowed down to let someone in who wanted to get off the exit ramp that I was exiting also. It pissed the guy off behind me. He started blowing his horn and flashing his lights and did that all the way up the exit ramp. My kids were with me. I said, "What is this guys problem?" They said, "Don't go home, Mama, he might try to follow us." I turned into the nearest gas station. He went by still with his horn blaring til he was out of sight. I pulled back onto the road and when I turned on the street to head home, I noticed he had stopped at the convenience store there. I strongly resisted the urge to go by blaring my horn lest he jump in the truck and follow me home! You are a brave soul, I will give ya that! ;-)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!~


  9. You are a very brave man!

    Glad you decided to end that one....can't wait to hear about the cell phone. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Texting and talking while driving or anywhere.


  10. You're nuts. That's it. I can't wait for the phone fun...you gonna call me? lol.

    Annie =)

  11. You've been driving in Ohio, haven't ya?

    I have always said that if I ever am in a bad accident it will be in a parking lot, I can't even count how many close calls I have had due to people darting willy nilly across parking lots! Hate em!

    Glad you survived!

  12. Oh, good grief! You are very brave...or slightly crazy, haha! It would be VERY scary having that many teeth melters aiming their evil looks in one's direction! Aaaggghhh!!!


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