Friday, December 19, 2008

The Great Purge...continues...

Politicians. They are a necessary evil. I wish there were a way to live without them, but there really isn't a better way to keep 305 million people in line. Isn't that a delightful thought? We have to have them because there isn't an alternative for us.

Whenever there is an inauguration, I watch very closely. I look for the moment when the judge takes the very large Bible and smashes the incoming over the head with it.

It has to happen. Only a severe head injury could explain why it is that someone who seemed very decent and smart and capable prior to the swearing-in could transform into a lying, double-talking, double crosser in such a short time.

I'm tired of listening to these maniacs. I hate the fact that it seems only a matter of time before any and every one of them gets bagged for doing something crooked. And I keep wondering how many of them would be left if we passed a law making stupidity a punishable offense.

So yeah, they're bad. But they give us someone to blame for the lousy condition we're living in, ya know?

Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Sorry, I had to finish barfing.


  1. *barfing with you* I think there are possibly those politicians that have the VERY BEST of intentions but once they getting into office they fall into corruption. Of course, there are exceptions to this.

  2. I wish the unemployment sweeping the nation would hit our capital. Congress out of a job? Now that's 'change' I can believe in.

    I'm sick of the Clintons.......

  3. Oh Jimmy you're really on a roll right now...can I get an AMEN? Oh yes, Betty was on top of that...I'm with you on the barfing over Hilary. Good grief, it almost feels like he's sucking up, but I'm not sure why.


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