Monday, December 29, 2008

You Do When You Can, Right?

You have to strike when the iron is hot, right? I know it's a little premature, but I really want to do a year-end entry, and I got the time right now!

I can't say that 2008 was a good year. So I won't. Some good things happened, granted, but this is one year I can do without.

I have learned so much, however, that I can take with me as I give 2009 a try. I learned that people make the best friends. Furniture is comfortable and usually reliable, but it's just not up to the task of being a pal. I love my friends. Thank you for being my friends. As always.

I will never forget the spiritual kindness I received from two wonderful people this year. The beauty of that gift is that it never wears out, won't break no matter how hard you lean on it, and it comes in the form of the best kind of love you can get. Thank you for that.

I learned that for every 5 snake-in-the-grass, lying, posturing fools you encounter, there is 1 decent, kind person who is true to their word. I can deal with that ratio because the 1 good person makes you feel 5 times better than any of the snakes can make you feel. I can live with that. I'm just never going to get used to that feeling you get when you realized your assessment of someone is way off.

But overall I realized that no matter what, being alive is good. As long as you survive, you get a shot at a clean start.

Here's hoping 2009 is the beginning of something good for everyone.


  1. I hope you have a better 2009 :o)

  2. I predict you'll be fine in 2009...(corny rhyme I know)

  3. Here, here!

    Happy 2009, Lippy!


  4. I think your ratio is right on. It's amazing how something as simple as encountering a kind and decent human being can make your day!

  5. hiiii its been so long since i've checked in here.

    i feel its way overdue for 2009 to start. 08 was not a good year for either of us.

    almost a reality check about what needs to change huh?

    lyyyyyyyy and am here always no matter what

  6. I hope it is the beginning of something good too! Linda

  7. This post might have to go into my stack of things to quote from. Well said, well put, lovely thoughts. Thank you.

  8. I hope the coming year will bring happiness! :)

  9. Happy New Year!!!!
    May 2009 be divine! :)
    I am always here for you friend!


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