Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh No Oreo

I have a little problem.

I am an Oreo nut. I love all things Oreo...cookies, ice cream, topping for ice cream. I'm convinced that if Nabisco made Oreo's that you could wear, I'd have my style all figured out. I love all the varieties, white, brown, mint, DoubleStuf, you name it.

That, however, is not the problem.

The problem is, I made room in my pantry for the new product pictured above. I saw the new box in the store, I purchased new box from store. Brought box home, opened it, poured milk, sat down and took bite.

So the problem?

I don't love them. There were no moans of ecstasy. Remember, now, that I am watching the old weight here, and this was one of those "non-denial" treats I allow myself now and then, so those are valuable.

I think I was actually annoyed there for a moment. The Cakesters are ok. But OreoThings aren't supposed to be "OK". They are supposed to be so good that people punch me to make me stop talking about how good they are.

Two disappointments here today. Britney Spears stunk it up on the VMA's last night, and Oreo Cakesters are not going to become an addiction for me.

(insert *whine* here)


  1. I thought they looked good but have not bought them yet...maybe I will refrain from doing so!

  2. I'm glad that someone tried them out - I've been eying them in the store, too. I'm sorry, though, that you had a less-than-herbal-essences-commercials-with-the-moaning-ladies experience with them. Go have some double stuffed and a glass of milk. Give the cakesters to the kids or something :)

  3. Man, there are few things worse than craving/looking forward to eating something, and being disappointed.


  4. Although i agree with you about Britney, i love the Oreo cakesters, but i am watching my weight too. :(

  5. Never even heard of those.

    But who doesn't like actual Oreos? I often get the Oreo add-in at ice cream places. Soooo good with ice cream.

  6. i couldn't even buy them. oreo but cake...i mean, you need to be able to lick the cream off the nice crunchy cookie and then enjoy the cookie. i just can't bring myself to try them!

  7. Aww... I should have warned you. I thought they looked pretty bleh for something Oreo. And I LOVE Oreos. But there's just no way I could like them. No crunch, and the taste just can't be the same.


  8. I liked them, and I am not the biggest Oreo fan. Question: the original cookies, do you keep them in milk until the bubbles stop?

  9. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Cakesters, huh? I must admit I haven't seen these yet.. Sorry they were such a disappointment. They look like fat Devil Dogs. Geez, between this, Britney's bomb and ole' Brillo's death by scrubbing, your week is just suckin' big time!

    Ice cold milk and an oreo cookie... Now I'm just hungry!

    Love ya!

  10. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Call me crazy, but I don't like Oreo's...I like to lick the insides and throw away the cookie!

    I believe Domino's has a new Oreo dessert pizza, it's just calling your name....



  11. I haven't heard of those either! WHERE have I been?

  12. I kind of liked them, but I don't think I would buy them again. As for Britney on the VMA'S... peeee yewww! :P


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