Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Step (rather loud) In the Right Direction

I read something in my friend's journal. Something that happened with her happened with me, and it felt so good reading hers, that I wanted to write about mine.

I have been a major a*hole the last few days. It's not behavior I am comfortable with, but I have deduced that it's something that is going to be necessary to survive any longer. We're all familiar with the "Golden Rule", and the concept of "live and let live." Well, that's all true. You are very much free to do what you want, but guess what? So am I.

It started with a favor. A buddy of mine asked me for some advice on beginning a pension plan for his group. I know a little about that sort of stuff. I set up a meeting with a gentleman who could offer ideas and sell us products to finance such a plan. And so we met.

He introduced himself. Then he took a phone call. He then took out some brochures and handed them to me. Then he took a cell phone call. I asked him about a particular annuity product when he hung up. He began to discuss the offerings from that company, and interrupted that discussion to take a phone call. I stood up and left. Screw that. This isn't some little old lady looking to buy a $5 annuity. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. You take your phone calls, dude. We're not that important.

The next consultant I met with was a mid-20's young woman. She seemed knowledgeable, but we had a problem. She was talking in a voice that I usually hear from people in bed with each other. I asked her to speak up, and speak clearly. Hell, if you want to seduce me, let's get the work done and talk about that later. In the meantime, spit the damned marbles out of your mouth. That didn't go so well.

I was working with another group this morning, when the cell phone reared its ugly head. I volunteered to supply the working group with a round of Starbucks. I don't drink anything from the place myself, but I know people like it, and nothing can start the motivation process like giving folks what they want.

The Scene: local Starbucks. I'm on line behind Busy Guy. It's Saturday morning, but this guy is so swamped that he can't take two minutes out of his cellphone day to order a coffee? He's blabbering away, loud and clear. I'm behind him thinking about all the joyful places I could ram the cell phone. He gets to the front of the line, Counter Guy asks what he can get for him. Busy guy holds up the "just a minute, I'm on the phone" finger. Counter Guy deep-breaths it, looks at me and says, "What can I get you?

I had a large order. Busy Guy had to wait. I think Counter guy and I made a good team.

But the event I shared with my friend's journal took place last night. I was speaking to a woman I'm friends with. She's planning a big party/get-together. We were just going over schedules, etc., and what I could do to help.

Now along comes Ms Muffet. She interrupts, begins speaking as if no one is there. She then positions herself between the Woman Friend and me, with her back to me. Message? Sorry, Mr. Stupid, I'm more important than you.

Message Rebuttal? (Spoken out loud, incidentally, as I stepped back to where I was speaking) "Yeah, now there are three of us here that know you are an asshole. Next time, try some manners, Lady. Wait till I'm done." That worked, although it didn't make me popular with her. Made Woman Friend giggle though. Ms Muffet left.

And the closer...

My group of friends decided it was time for a group dinner. We've been putting it off too long, so we're going for it tonight. One of the group, a rather large pain in the ass, incidentally, voiced her opposition to our choice of restaurants. She recently joined the Vegetarian Movement with some other friends of her, and said, "Well, hey, I'm a Vegetarian."

I said, "Then order a salad."

She didn't like that too much and began to argue her point. I simply said, "Don't go. If I decide to join your group of Vegans for dinner, are you all going to agree to a steakhouse because I'm a carnivore? I don't think so."

That didn't make me her favorite, but hey, some things are still Democracies. Like friendships. Majority rules. Exercise your right to choice, but in this case, your choice to make alternate plans. We like meat, we're eating meat. Next time, ask a little more politely, perhaps? It's your choice to be a vegetarian. Not ours.

So yah, some other new rules going into effect, starting now.

  • If you only know my phone number when you need something, forget my phone number. The Service is closed.

  • If you enjoy being rude, I can be more rude. I'm bigger and louder (I yell for a living), so be ready if you bring it.

  • Remember that not every reaction is "equal and opposite". Sometimes it's a lot worse than you planned on. I no longer have anything to lose. Being decent doesn't have a place in the world anymore. I learned that. I get it. I'm on it.

Like I said, you're free to do whatever you want to. But it works both ways. And like a dog who's gotten a taste for blood, I'm no longer gonna be too predictable. It's a whole new world out there, and I just caught up.


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I CANNOT stand when someone chooses to be a certain way and expects the majority to cater to their needs. UMM No sorry you work around us and make it work for you! We all dont work around you. GET OVER YOURSELF. Peace thanks bye! C

  2. You are on fire! I hate rude cell phone people. It's becoming an obnoxious problem. And your vegetarian friend can bring her own food. Where was she suggesting you go? Don't you just love it when the minority whine enough to get their way--which is exactly what happens in our country.

    Enjoy your night out.

  3. Jeannette6:01 PM

    I'm in total agreement Jimmy, whoever invented the cell phone needs to have one surgically implanted somewhere the sun don't shine! Also agree about the vegetarian issue. If I have a vegetarian over for a meal they expect a veggy dish. Yet if I go to a vegetarians house would I get a meat dish?! I don't think so! So rant all you want at these ignoramuses, I'm right behind you!
    Jeannette xx

  4. Hi Jimmy,
    Good for you. I often feel like I let rude, pushy people get away with their rude, pushy behavior. Kudos to you for calling them on it. I especially like your reaction to the woman who hijacked your conversation and then turned her back to you. People should be called on that kind of behavior.

  5. OH! You are just SO right (yeah, not that I'm surprised or anything but you are SO right!) Good for you for speaking your mind. It's good for other people to hear it once in a while (OK, so if you start doing it all the time people are going to start avoiding you, but once in a while is certainly needed!)

  6. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Basic consideration and respect for others seems to be a rare thing this day and age... Some people are so wrapped up in themselves they are completely oblivious to the fact that they are just plain RUDE.

    Standing beside you on this one, Jimmy. The world is changing.. let's not let it change us, k?


  7. Gaz ;-)3:55 AM

    Rude people on mobiles (cells) drive me nuts. But tell me why people always ask where you are when they phone you?
    Me, hello, I cant talk right now.

    Them, oh ok, where are you then?

    Me, Taking a dump actualy!

    Them, too much information, bye.

    Well, they did ask!

  8. Great entry! I wish more people were so straight forward.

    Have a great Sunday.

  9. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Day One of each school year for teachers is a huge gathering, a type of teacher pep rally you might say. This year, the speaker was from the college where I graduated. Sitting closer to the stage than normal, I heard it. Yep, the ring of a cell phone. So did the speaker. He said, "If that's not God, don't take it!" I was proud that finally someone had the guts to not ignore the rudness.
    Jackie aka BamaWmn

  10. At first glance, I appear to be an affable character. A nickname that follows me around from job to job is "smiley" ...and I am quite agreeable, as long as everyone is being respectful. Which is why, when someone is lacking in the respect department - and I voice my objection - they are generally so startled, they don't know how to respond. Not to mention the fact that if they are behaving that way with such a casual manner, they're obviously accustomed to getting away with it.

    I have absolutely no problem letting someone know they are being rude. Preferably in a way that will make them think twice before they engage in that kind of behavior again. Good for you, Jimmy. It stinks that we have to go to "that place" to get a point across, but it stinks more that there is such a need for it nowadays.

  11. hey jimmy,
    CONGRATULATONS on realizing that you're worth as much if not more than the aholes that are in your face. i'm so proud of you!!!! sometimes, especially these days, it seems it just doesn't pay to be nice. that is unless you like getting kicked & stepped on. although i do believe in starting out nice, as you do as well, but when that doesn't work...WATCH OUT!!! Jimmy/Patti/whoever... is back in town!!!

    luv the new you :)

  12. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Jimmy you are scaring me a little -- doesn't sound like "our" Jimmy! I have to agree with you though. You know, I thought it was just me. Work has been horrible this year because it seems as if people have just become so unbearably rude and obnixious! I think I'll join your new attitude!

  13. Every once in a while I think we should exercise our right to be as rude as the next person but I feel we should not change because of the arseholes in this world. After all, shouldn't we remain kind and considerate in order to teach our children the same? I do agree that it is getting exceedingly more difficult to remain kind in certain situations so you go Jimmy! Relieve that stress! Ram a few cell phones where the sun don't shine and tell that lady if she don't want to eat meat...invite you to dinner on Friday's during Lent.

  14. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Well, I must say, I am glad for one you stood up and let these people know what the deal is, most would have just sat there and let them do their thing....YEAH FOR JIMMY!!!

  15. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I just got caught up way back to middle of august. I am so happy you passed your exams. I had no doubt you would. MadmanADHD also passed his and is now a doctor! Both you guys are such fantastic writers. wish a little would rub off on me!!Now do you get a different job or what? Our Applebees has good food but is extra noisey so don't go there much! Hello to those kids! Barb

  16. Ms. Mufett hey? Maybe he is like that because of all the curds and whey? haaaaaaaaa Sometimes I just hate people! Anne

  17. good points all. i don't think being blunt and honest is always rude. in fact most rude examples i can think of are folks who are pretentious snottholes who haven't an ounce of commonsense, common courtesy, or common decency. putting on my big girl panties and sucking it up, grins, debra

  18. This is good Jimmy, really good!
    I think I'm a lot like you in that I've finally caught up with the fact that I'm tired of putting up with some people's idiotic behavior. I'm not letting it slide by me like I used to.
    Is it my age that's making me this way? LOL Am I getting cranky?? :)


  19. I think that some people just need to be told that their behavior is unacceptable in social situations. Sure, there are ways to be somewhat polite and to "inspire positive behavior with love", but I think that my grandma has it right - some people just need a swift kick in the pants to pull their heads out.

    Just don't lose your nice, gentlemanly style - it's part of why we all like you!

  20. my favorite cell phone moment (not) was hearing one ring during a funeral ...people have no consideration

  21. LOL. You have such a knack for recreating the moment with your writing. I feel like I was right there. Too funny!!

  22. 'bout time, bitch!!

    Oh, and I am still miffed that I have to take a test just to leave a bloody comment!

  23. Tiffany S.12:10 PM

    Pretty interesting if I do say so myself. :)

  24. I still need to get "caught up" in more ways than one! Great entry, Jimmy! I agree with you on just about every aspect of what you wrote. I just need to be more aggressive and take mine from just thinking about saying it, to actually verbalizing it! Roooh Haaah to the new Stupid! ;P


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