Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh Now How Does That Happen?

Part of my Life After Exam yesterday included an Applebee's lunch with my kids. Their town has a pretty sizeable outdoor mall where the restaurant is located.

When we came out of the restaurant, we saw that there had been a pretty serious 3-car collision. HOW DO YOU HAVE A 3-CAR COLLISION IN A PARKING LOT?

Apparently, the cars came to a 4-way stop from 3 different directions. And nobody stopped. And from the looks of the damage, they were moving pretty quickly. Why? Was it those Labor Day Sales? Are they that important?



It was nice to know that the world hadn't gotten any less crazy while I was a hermit those four months.


  1. Hubby had a fender bender a couple days ago too... but it wasn't at a parking lot... can't imagine how that one happened but sure would have been interesting to see!

  2. I... have... no idea lol I really can't think of a reason. None. Nada.


  3. Hi Jimmy,
    I guess being a "hermit" for a couple of months has its advantages. Looking at the way some people drive, I'm amazed they were able to get their licenses to begin with!

  4. Haven't we already established there are so many stupid drivers out there? ;-)

  5. That is so funny. There are a lot of morons that are behind the wheel of a car these days. Thank goodness this girl is a perfect driver! LOL

  6. Some people are just so dumb! Oh wait, I was informed that this is not a nice word, that I should say "dull" she explained it, dull like a run down pencil...not like me mom, i'm the sharp pencil in the box.... I think you were dealing with 3 dull pencils ;-)

  7. Wow. Were they all driving SUVs or something? (sorry, Kristen, no offense intended. Read on.) As we all know, the law of the lugnuts rules the driving world: He who has more lug nuts wins. So if they all thought that they had the most (being in similar vehicles), perhaps they decided the other cars should yield to their lug nuts?

    Or they're just oblivious dumb drivers. Hard to say.

  8. Anonymous7:01 PM

    It's a crazy world out there... There was an incident quite completely out of the ordinary at my daughter's school yesterday. I may share about it. You just never know on any given day what you'll see when you look out that window or walk down the street. Uneventful days are almost unheard of now!

    ANYWAY, I sure am glad it didn't happen to YOU!!


  9. I am behind on my reading (as usual)...CONGRATULATIONS on passing my friend!!! You are AWESOME!! As for the parking already know...people are stupid!! :)


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