Friday, September 07, 2007


I had a chuckle the other day when CBS 880AM, a local news radio station, headlined a story about Apple with "iNuts, your leader has spoken!"

Steve Jobs held a conference to celebrate the release of the new iPod Nano, which is pretty cool, considering. It offers video playback along with music, and it's smaller than ever.

These things have more storage and features, plus they get smaller and thinner, every time Apple releases a new edition. It's incredible. I have one of the original iPods, and it's now the equivalent of the Model T Ford. I almost feel burdened, carrying around my 2 or 3 oz antiquity.

Just as there's a thing called terminal velocity, I figure there has to be a point where these iPods can't get any smaller or thinner, though. I mean, eventually, the thing would be so small, or so thin, that you wouldn't even know if you were holding it. And for people like me, that's not a good thing...

"Hey, Stup, got your iPod?"

"I dunno!"

Between then and now, there's room for lots of possibilities. Think about it! Thinner, thinner, smaller, and smaller...

  • The iPod "News"- so small and thin that it could be incorporated right into the pages of your daily newspaper. Of course, that only works if we still print newspapers at the time.

  • The iPod "Stamp"- slap a little glue on the back, and make it a recorder. People could record their letters instead of writing them, and stick 'em right to the envelope!

  • The iPod "Tissue"- a player so thin you could blow your nose into it. Or, put a whole bunch of them on a roll, and put 'em in the bathroom. Listen to a couple of tunes, then, well, you know.

Ahh, yes, the possibilities.

I'm kind of loving my old Model T iPod for the moment though. I use it mostly when I drive, plug it right into the car sound system and all, and I know none of us wants a Stupid watching videos while he drives, so it's the status quo for the time being.


  1. Pretty soon Apple's just going to want to put an implant in each of us at birth so we can have our own soundtrack playing throughout our lives. That would at least eliminate the whole "can't use the song on more than 5 computers" rule. But hopefully they come up with a better way to update the implant than with an anal probe.

  2. I just left a comment for someone else about this topic. The technology gets "better and better" but how much "better" can it really get?

    As for the quote of the month...don't make fun of Justin Bobby! He is quite wise. :)

    Love ya babe!!!

  3. Kristeee - And when the batteries die, you have to send your ass to Apple to get them replaced.

  4. I don't even own an ipod (gasp!)

    Maybe I'll get one of the 'older' models when the price really goes down.

  5. i wanna know where the big clunky ones for all us old blind people

  6. YES, there is a thing as too thin and too small. I CAN'T see the damn thing!!! Anne

  7. I am so attached to my Nano its ridiculous. That thing accompanies me everywhere. I don't think I would want a smaller one. My two year old model suits me just fine. :)

  8. Anonymous11:19 PM

    This has been on Brianna's Xmas list since she heard about it....
    at least I will get her old one all to myself now : )


  9. I love my 30gb Ipod. It does everything I want and need. Hope you are enjoying your weekend and I will be sure to answer your latest question JP. Luv ya!

  10. And I just love Apples innovations. Whether I buy them or not, I love the creativity.


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