Thursday, April 03, 2008

And While I'm At It...

Sometimes we only apologize to people when they confront us with the thing we did wrong. But sometimes, we really feel sorry the minute we do something wrong, only we don't have an opportunity to see the person we hurt, and then our apology might not seem sincere.

I have hurt people lately, and I know it. Only I really didn't mean to. I didn't want them to feel bad, or slighted. "I can't help it" or "it was out of my control" is just so weak.

The nice thing about a blog is, it's a way to timestamp what we were thinking or feeling the moment it happens. I want my friend to know that I'm sorry. I'll say so when I see my friend. But I want this as a permanent record that I really feel terrible about the kind of friend I've been. So after I make the proper apology, I might use refer to this in hopes of proving my sincerity.

I love her. I just do a lousy job of showing it sometimes.


  1. Betty7:09 AM

    A good friend would say they are sorry just like you did :).

  2. ((((Lippy))))

    It'll be ok.

  3. That was truly sincere. I've always felt that friends will agree to disagree. We are not perfect creatures by any degree. (Hugs) Indigo

  4. That was such a sweet and sincere apology. I have a feeling you'll be forgiven! :)

  5. A good friend usually understands knowing what your life has been like. It will be ok. :)

  6. I think moments of sincere apology and forgiveness are some of the sweetest life has to offer. Sometimes our imperfections turn out to be blessings.

  7. The fact that you care enough to apologize and are feeling rotten for whatever you did (which I really don't think could be that bad--this is lippy we're talking about), shows what a big heart you have....and that you are in fact a good friend.

  8. We all have lousy moments. You wouldn't be nearly so lovable if you were so perfect as to not have them too. We love you for everything you do that's human, not just your wonderful perfect moments lol...

    I'm sure she'll forgive you.



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