Monday, April 14, 2008

No Longer A Loser...

Good evening. It's time for an announcement!

I have been "Loser" for a long time. (not A loser, just "Loser") It's one of the many terms of endearment that my closest friends tagged me with. (You don't think I named myself Lippy, do ya?)

But things have been going on that have made me reconsider my status.

We have losers all over the place these days. Look at television: we have losers on news shows, losers on gossip shows. We have court shows where we watch losers try to unscrew themselves and each other; we have 27 year old losers having babies with 15 year olds, and they use DNA testing to tell us which loser is the REAL father; we have losers living in houses with other losers, trying to out-loser each other, losers looking for love, looking to get out of love and a Springer show where the whole concept IS losers, and a Shrink getting rich exploiting losers and trying to fix them. And we have a show where they actually decide on an award for the bigger Loser.

And it's not just TV; we have a political process that is basically telling us to eliminate the least loser-ish of the whole pack so that we can pick a President. Our economy is in the dumper in large part because a bunch of Wall Street Losers thought they could get rich by giving mortgages to people who never should have gotten them. And now, of course, the REAL losers are the ones who got stuck with a bunch of worthless investments. It just stinks.

Enough. I'm out of the club.

I need a new nickname. We've ditched StupidJimmy and now Loser has bitten the dust. Sigh. I'm sad, but I don't want to be associated with anything Loser-ish anymore, K?


  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to be associated with the name Loser. You are not a loser in any way. I can't think of a new nickname for you off hand. I'll keep thinking though.

  2. I don't know why you even called yourself a loser...; (
    you really need to think positive thoughts.

  3. Now you're getting smart. Words you say (or write) become self-fulfilling prophecies.

  4. Glad you've ditched the Loser nickname....but I think I need to inform you.....You've never been in the Loser's club. :)

    You do need a new nickname....hmmmm need to think it over.

    Something really good.


  5. Anonymous9:05 PM

    glad you gave it up... I never thought it fit

  6. I'm so glad you gave it up! It's never been the least bit funny. You are a lot of things, but stupid and/or loser you are not!

    We could call you Jimmy the hottie or Survivor Sheetguy, James the intellectual... or we could always just call you Jimmy!

  7. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Hi, my name is Jimmy, I am a nice guy. How does that work. Hi Jimmy...


  8. Anonymous10:10 PM

    How about Awesome Jimmy? I like that and it fits. Linda (sangrialel)

  9. Tricia10:49 PM

    No more loser Jimmy? Sigh...I don't have any new nick names for you, but I know a few may have some GREAT new names, I'd ask my best friends first. Good Luck getting a new name.

  10. Jumping Jimmy

    Jimmy the Gem

    Jim Daddy (not to be confused with Jim Dandy...although you could use that one too!)

    I'll have to keep's late and my brain is tired....(lol)


  11. You are anything but a loser, so that name definitely needs to be tossed.

  12. How about GallantJimmy or CourteousJimmy because that is what you are to me. I hope you are doing well JP. Hey, you could just be plain ole JP!! : ) Luv ya!

  13. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Jimmy we all agree you are definitely not a LOSER ~ I am sure you will come up with an appropriate nick name I just like to call you Jimmy :o)
    Ally x

  14. Nope...sorry...once a loser, always a loser.

    Nah...I never liked that name anyways. It was only fitting SOME of the time. ; )

  15. Anonymous8:51 AM

    you suck no matter what your nickname is..people should really know the truth about you....they would truly be shocked.

  16. I have to agree, i never liked "Loser", because my friend is no "Loser". What about "Handsome", i think that suits you much better.
    Hi Handsome!

  17. I agree with the other are not stupid and not a loser.
    You are Jimmy and you are wonderful!!!
    Love ya babe!

  18. I think I have one--how about Jimmy the Friend? That's what you really are--a true friend, no matter what.

    love ya!

  19. Good for you. Hehe - I was pretty down on myself for a while and a friend recommended this tape I'd listen to when I went walking. It said things like, "I'm a good person. I like me. I am worthwhile in every way." I think we all need to hear those things more often. And, by the way, I think you're pretty great. No loser status for you.

  20. Anonymous8:12 PM

    LOVE YA,

  21. One more thought that occured to me today at work, I was thinking of something cute you could go by and I came up with JimmynyCrickets! Maybe I will be the only one that thinks this is cute and maybe it isn't manly enough for you but I'm trying. LOL Hope you are doing well tonight. Luv ya JP!

  22. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Hmmm, I've never thought of you as loser, stupid, or heck, even Lippy (whatever that is). You are articulate, funny, a great writer, interesting, a fabulous dad...I could go on and on, but that name might be too long!
    xoxo ~Myra

  23. Loser is over-rated, heh? No more loser... and more of gainer. Yeah.. I suck at words. ;)

  24. There is way too much loser crap right now that's for sure! It will not pass my lips as my other house remains vacant and for sale. ;)

  25. I agree with mariesimages--positive thoughts!!! No more loser talk!!!

  26. Can I call you dork? lol

    And yes, we have more than our fair share of losers at the moment. And sadly, one is going to get elected. What's worse is I don't even know who's getting elected and I feel safe in saying that lol


  27. You are awesome! I don't know you, but I can tell anyway! :)

    I kind of like Jimminy Cricket! ;)

  28. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Bad news is behind an awesome person there is always people with envy and hate, the way of the world. They are cowards and cannot stand who you are, stand for or even who they are. Sad, sad.

    Good news (the only important thing) is you are great! I never really called u this. When u told me too i used to hold my breath to say it. I ly . Cass

  29. Yeah, write off the loser stuff. Maybe you should rename it "The Smart Sheet"?

  30. Would never have occurred to me to give you that nickname, so if you want to lose it...done. :)

    Not sure what the new one should be...hmmm.

  31. I've never felt you were a're a winner. I like's nice and winner-ish!

  32. I dunno...I always considered Stupid Jimmy and the Stupid Sheet to be kinda cute because they were so untrue. But I can certainly understand the desire to get rid of the connotations. I never made those by the way. Of course I am not brave enough to call myself stupid either...

    I like the other commenter's proposal of Just Jimmy....its kind of cute and you could sign everything JJ...

    Whatever you call yourself...I'll be around from time to time!

  33. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Jimmy, I think a perfectly suitable nickname for you would be, BootBoy. Really, you are so passionate about boots....What other nickname could be more fitting?


  34. suzypwr4:51 PM

    How about being Jimmy?


  35. Just checking on you....I hope everything is okay. I keep looking for a post and no Jimmy.
    Where are you??

    Hope all is good!


  36. Hey, are you alive? ;-)

  37. Puhleeeze, Jimmy!! You could never be a loser. Such names should never share page space with yours!

  38. Well, I'm glad loser is definitely OUT.
    I'm with everyone who likes "Jimmy". It has a certain ring to it, you know?

  39. Hey, just checking to see if you're okay. It's been a while. Hope all is well, or at least as good as things can be.

  40. Diamond Jimmy.

    Yep, that's my contribution. You are a jewel of a human being, you are handsome (hell, I saw pics of you), and your soul is priceless.

    Uh huh, Diamond Jimmy works for me.


  41. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Yes, there are many "losers" in the world, and stupidity is rampant. I've always chosen to look beyond the screename you've chosen for yourself and see the real you ~ by your words, your actions and your caring ways.

    You'll always be sweet Jimmy to me.



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