Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hello everyone, you're still stuck with me it appears. I have a little philosophy about blogging that keeps me away from the game: if I don't have the time to read yours, I don't write because I wouldn't expect you to read mine.

That, of course puts me out of touch a lot longer than I like to be.

I hope you're all well and life's treating you just as well.

So much going on in my end of the world, mostly routine stuff, nothing special, just a lot of it, ya know?

My eyes are shot. I went to an Optometry place on Friday for further confirmation of total systems failures. I found out I have a pretty nice vision care plan. It took care of everything with a $40 co-pay all around. Only thing is, the optometry place has to send my frames to the vision plan people, 'cause they have to make the glasses. And the only other thing is that it will take two weeks. So I'll continue bumping into walls, driving off cliffs, etc. till then, k?

I'm very involved in taking care of Pop as his condition gets a little tougher on him (cause I suck like that, ya know) But, Pop is hanging tough still. His care is a lot more demanding, as is he, these days, and that means a lot of driving, sitting in waiting rooms. His tolerance for foods has improved some, which means he can eat something other than rice and toast, so it's all good. I made him a brisket, a grilled cheese and a roast chicken so far, and no, er, fallout so to speak. I'm tellin' ya, as a caretaker, wow, I rock, if I must say so myself. I actually got a bedsore to heal completely (receiving kudos from the wound care specialist, by the way!)

And I've plunged head-long into a new career. It's one that's more adapted to our life situation, and allows me a little leeway with my hours. Totally not what I'd thought I'd be doing at this stage in my life, but, one never knows.

Thank you to all of you who expressed concern as to my well-being. That was nice to hear/read. Guess I can't suck all that bad, ya know, if people who really do know me still come around despite that. It's always nice to know that people who aren't afraid to stand behind their convictions think enough of me to worry about me :)

Love ya all.


  1. Glad you are still here nurse JP. You look good as a pet btw. LOL Have a happy hump day. Luv ya!

  2. Anonymous8:07 AM

    I've been as bad about reading/e-mailing/commenting these days. I just seem to be on the go all the time with more in the future.

    Glad to hear Pop is having taste-bud improvements. Hang in there with it, Jimmy!


  3. Dude, next time I'm incapacitated, you're hired.

    Good to hear from you, and glad you're off with a new career. Best of luck with that.

  4. Jimmy glad Pop is doing well ~ you are doing a good job taking care of him ~ he is so Lucy to have to ~ Ally x

  5. sorry Jimmy someone moved the keys on my keyboard :o) that should read "he is so lucky to have you" :o) Ally x

  6. Somehow I never doubted you would make a great caregiver...I don't think even you realize the depth of your compassion and understanding. Let me be the first to say this hon, I-we understand when you can't come around and visit. You most certainly have your hands full these days. However...if you feel like writing please don't let that stop you. Sometimes it helps to just write and reach out to others when your immersed in taking care of someone else...I miss you when your not here but I DO understand. (Hugs) Indigo

  7. Glad to hear that you're still okay, and that Pop's doing well. Hopefully the new career's a good fit, and you're enjoying it. Pop's a lucky man to have you.

  8. Anonymous4:17 PM

    What about the people who can and DO stand behind their convictions? People who really know you and still don't think you're all that great?

  9. Too bad about the ol' (I mean, OLD) eyes. Doesn't make me too comfy thinking of you and all that driving till you get your glasses back.



  10. Hey James, I havent been on in awhile. A lot has been going on. read my blog for an update. I think you'll be interested.

  11. I think a good caregiver is such a blessing and rare. You're doing a great job Jimmy!

  12. Always making the best out of tough situations, aren't you, Jimmy? That is one of the many things that makes you so special.

    Healed a bedsore, eh? Do you look cute in your nurse's uniform? *smile*

    Right now, I think I will just hope some hot chick in thigh high, stiletto-heeled boots comes along and snatches you up. That would pretty much make things perfect in your corner of the world.

    Oh, and squinting causes wrinkles. Drive off the cliff with your eyes relaxed.

    Hugs, sweet man.


  13. Glad you're still alive. I thought you'd gotten swallowed by the Lincoln Tunnel or something. :)

  14. I kept coming back to see if you posted. You wont lose me as a reader! ;)

  15. Oh yes, the signs of old age...bad eyes.
    Mine continue to get worse every day and then my kids tell me I can't hear either. What?
    I disagree - they mumble! :)

    I agree with Kristen....when I'm incapacitated
    You're Hired!


  16. I haven't been able to log into blogger until today for some reason lol

    But I missed ya! Things have been crazy busy here...

    I know you're taking great care of Pop. You're just awesome like that :o)


  17. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Hope you're REALLY doing ok. Sometimes we say things to make others think we're ok, when really, we're not. Not that anything could/would change, but ya' know...
    You have such a kind heart, and now a sturdy caretaker...glad Pop is hanging in there...and so are YOU! Take care...missed you :)
    xoxo ~Myra

  18. Just a little catch up for me today too!

  19. Driving off cliffs is not a good thing! :0

    I truly admire what you are doing for Pop. :)

  20. I am really behind huh...:)

    You've mentioned a new job more than once...what are you up to now?

    Love ya babe!


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